Wednesday 24 December 2014

Shaved Pompadour - Male Hair Edit for TS4

Here is Part I of my followers gift, and probably the one I love the most. When I saw the original hair, I always imagined it with shaved sides. So I sat down, and after much hair pulling and trial and error, I finally realised my Dream. I actually love this hair now. It isn't perfect, but I will probably be the only one noticing the little things I can't change.

Merry Peacymas! 4000 Followers Gift

Another milestone, another gift to mark the occasion. I honestly never thought when I started out on tumblr I would reach this many followers, but I appreciate all of you. I hope you love the creations I am releasing to mark this momentous occasion, whether you follow me on tumblr or not. There are 9 gifts in total, some you have seen in the WIP stage, and some you haven't. They are all TS4 gifts though, I just have not been inspired to make anything for TS3 right now. Anyway, click on the image below to take you to the blog post with the item (so much easier for me to have it all compiled like this).

I hope you enjoy and again, thank you all for the follow. It means a lot to me that there are so many of you that enjoy my creations as much as me :)

Solid Is Sensational Painted Kitchen

5/12/2015: This kitchen has now been updated for the dishwasher update and additional styles added. Check the new post for details. Old links on this page have just been updated. 

Part II on my followes gift is one of my first recolours of TS4 objects. I absolutely love the kitchens in TS4, way better then TS3 kitchens, but CAS would have made them perfection. So I decided to take my favourite kitchen, the BlandCo style, and recolour them in some wood and solid colours. These are the solid coloured versions. I am really happy with how it turned out. I didn't just recolour, these are a bit more involved then that. I replaced the counters, redid the normalmaps and got rid on the wood pattern in the original. I love the end product, and hope you all do too.

The kitchen feature:
  • basegame compatibility
  • non-default
  • 18 coloured variations
  • all combined under the one item
  • Counters cost $150, Island Counters cost $150, and Cabinets cost $135

Painted Brick Wall 02

Part V of my followers gift is yet another set of painted brick textures for interior and exterior use. I love brick, and I love painted brick more, and if i can have even more styles I will make them, so I wanted more choice, and now you all have more choice too! And in multiple colours! It is a win-win scenario all-round.

Painted Brick Wall 03

Part VI of my followers gift is another set of painted brick textures for interior and exterior use. I love brick, and I love painted brick more so I wanted more choice, and now you all have more choice too! And in multiple colours! It is a win-win scenario all-round.

Painted Brick Wall 01

Part IV of my followers gift is the first set of painted brick textures for interior and exterior use. I love brick, and i love painted brick more, so now you all have pretty painted brick! And in multiple colours! It is a win-win scenario all-round.

Racer Sunglasses for TS4

Part IX (and the last part) of my followers gift, these are an edit of some basegame glasses. I really love the classic Carrera sunglasses, and wanted some for my sims. So when I saw the base item, I could see the potential, and this is what came of them. I thought they were only for guys, but turns out they were classified as unisex, so bonus! These do float though, like all TS4 glasses and there is nothing I can do about that, but I still love them.

Saturday 6 December 2014

BlownDry - TS4 Female-to-Male Hair Conversion and Edit

Hey everyone! Today i have a new hair edit for you. This is a female to male hair conversion of the Blow Dry hair. This hair has been converted before by poodsy on tumblr, however I reconverted it for personal use to fit it better to the male scalp and de-poof it a bit. I think it looks far more natural and you don't need a year's work of hair product just to keep it up.

Sunday 30 November 2014

Colourful Cottage Starter

Hey everyone! I have another new home for you all today. This one is actually my first starter. I liked the shotgun style of the houses that Maxis built, but I thought they were a bit drab. This changes that. Nice and cheery, your sims will forget all about having the fix the appliances all the time.

Edmundton Townhouse

Hey everyone! I have a new home for you all today. I have been sitting on this house for a while and thought it was about time I shared it. The home is a townhouse style, and was built to hopefully replace the Goth Manor in Willow Creek, but placed across the road.

Monday 17 November 2014

Just a Public Service Annoucement

Firstly, hello fellow simmers! Thank you for reading, this contains some important information for some of you. 

For those experiencing random crashing with my TS4 clothing, whether in CAS or in-game, there is this helpful little tool created by Cmar over at MTS that should help fix it for you. Since these are isolated issues with only some users, I see no need re-releasing the items with this fix. It is easy to do yourselves with the helpful too. It basically just fixes 'missing' bone assignments which are not used. Head over to this thread to download. If you are having issues with other items, see if the tool works for those too. 

For those experiencing issues with my walls were some, if not all walls show up as a question mark. I want to apologise, but I have only recently came across the reason for this. I found it on the S4S forums:

**Testing suggests that walls which are not resized correctly will show up with question mark images in place of your new images for some players.  For this reason, wall images should be resized so they match the size of EA's wall images.**

It is due to my wall images not being scaled down to Maxis size. Unfortunately I will not be remaking my walls to Maxis sizes so they work for everyone. The reason being is it will ruin the quality of the image, especially the patterns. I cannot bring myself to do that as they would be completely unusable for me. I am not sure why the issue occurs, but my guess is it is much like the intel graphics card issues that cause CAS crashes. So hence fourth, I will put warnings on the walls. I am sorry for the inconvience and I had hoped it was an easier and less destructive solution, but because it would ruin the quality of the walls in my eyes, I will not apply the 'fix'. I hope you all understand. I guess it was a choice made to increase performance, one I wouldn't have made myself. 

Saturday 15 November 2014

Weathered Brick 03

Next up is the second of 3 weathered brick textures for interior and exterior use. I love brick, and I wanted more choice, and now you all have more choice too! And in multiple colours! It is a win-win scenario all-round.

Weathered Brick 02

Next up is the second of 3 weathered brick textures for interior and exterior use. I love brick, and I wanted more choice, and now you all have more choice too! And in multiple colours! It is a win-win scenario all-round.

Weathered Brick 01

Next up is the first of 3 weathered brick textures for interior and exterior use. I love brick, and I wanted more choice, and now you all have more choice too! And in multiple colours! It is a win-win scenario all-round.

Classic Wall Set - Grasscloth 02

I have some new walls for you all! Up second is another grasscloth pattern. I really really like grasscloth (and you may have seen), it adds a textural element to a room. Don't expect the grasscloth to be seamless horizontally, that is how grasscloth comes naturally. It adds to the charm of the wallpaper and makes it one of my favourite walls to decorate with. So if you don't like that grasscloth isn't seamless, i would advise against you downloading this wallpaper, Grasscloth is not seamless due to the method of production, and neither are these. They are still lovely, but not everyone's cup of tea.

Classic Wall Set - Grasscloth 01

Here is the grasscloth pattern I made for TS3 converted. I really like grasscloth, it adds a textural element to a room. Even though grasscloth is not seamless horizontally due to it not being printed by actually woven, it adds to the charm of the wallpaper and makes it one of my favourite walls to decorate with. I doubt this will get many dl's because people will think it should be seamless, but to those people i will say this: If you think grasscloth should be seamless, then you don't know what grasscloth is.

Classic Wall Set - Cherry Blossom Birds

I have a problem. I am addicted to making walls. But you all get to share in my addiction, so it isn't that bad, is it? Anyway, I have had this image for quite some time (in the pink) and always wanted to turn it into a pattern for TS3. It failed miserably, but it hung around in my pictures folder. I came across it again and decided to mess with it some more and came up with these pretty walls. My faves would be the coral coloured one, and the duck egg blue one. They are just so pretty, and formal while being playful at the same time. I imagine these would be used as a feature wall in a master bedroom of some Victorian house. I might just have to decorate that myself.

Classic Wall Set - Willow

More walls! Next up is a willow pattern. I I remember someone made this for TS3, can't remember who though. I found the RL wallpaper and had to have it for my game. I have always loved willow trees, there is something mysterious and majestic about them. It was a hard pattern to recolour though, so it is only available in soft colours.

Classic Wall Set - Hydrangea

More walls! I kinda made a lot. Sorry, not sorry. This is an awesome, quite feminine wallpaper with butterflies and delicate bunches of flowers. I really love it and they add a softness to a room.

Classic Wall Set - Birch Trees

Here are some more contemporary walls for you all! I love birch trees and thought this would be an awesome addition to my game. I can see them going really well with the modern rug in the bright colours too (that was completely by accident). It is a simplified design that adds some visual interest and a pop of colour or more muted depending on your choice.

Thursday 13 November 2014

New Tutorial Added!!!

Changing Swatch Order of CAS Parts has been added to the tutorials dropdown menu. Feel free to check it out if you are a buddy cc creator for TS4 and hving ordered swatches for a CAS item is a must!

Sunday 2 November 2014

The Iron Victorian

Today I bring you another new home from my rather eclectic mix of houses in my game. This one is a particular favourite of mine. I love all types of architecture, but i tend to shy away from victorian-esque homes because I find it hard to pull off the design. With TS4 I thought I would give it a go and this is the end result. I think I might move the Goths in here.

Sunday 26 October 2014

Classic Walls For TS4 - Solid Colours

Here is part 4 of my Classic Wall set for TS4. Now you see where I lost my mind. I loved the wallpapers I made, but I don't like to mix and match styles. Since the walls had custom cornices and kickboards, I had to have solid coloured walls to match. The dilemma? What colours should I choose? Well I chose 60 colours. Yes 60. I am not kidding. Don't laugh. But it does sum up the classic wall set for now (I might revisit it later to add dado rail versions for the colours) where I made 400 image files just to get the 4 sets in-game. It was worth it, but it was a lot of work.

Classic Walls For TS4 - Woodland Wallpaper

Here is part 3 of my Classic Wall set for TS4. Do you see how this project kept growing? I love wallpapers and matching walls, so I had to have another wallpaper choice. This birch woodland pattern is one of my favourites. And again, I had to have colour variants. This time only 8, I was behaving myself. Don't let that fool you, I went all the way on the next set.

Classic Walls For TS4 - Lotus Wallpaper

Here is part 2 of my Classic Wall set for TS4. I loved the Wisteria patterns, but TS4 lacks a lot of  good feature wallpapers so I went to work and made another set of walls to use as well. This is another Farrow and Ball wallpaper called Lotus. I am not one to upload only one colour, so I went (overboard) and made another set with an array of colours. Do you see how this project got out of hand? Well it didn't stop here..............

Classic Walls For TS4 - Wisteria Wallpaper

Hi there my fellow simmers! today I bring one of my biggest projects to date for TS4. One of my favourite walls from TS3 was my Classic Wall Set (found here) so I decided when WallEz came out I would convert them to TS4 then it all got out of hand. After changing to S4S when they added wall functionality and the ability to edit normalmaps and speculars, I decided I wanted a full set of walls to match. 400 image files, 9 wall sets, and lots of time in PS, I am finally ready to share them with all of you. This first set is one of my favourite RL wallpapers by Farrow and Ball converted for game use in an array of colours. I hope you enjoy them as much as me.

Wednesday 22 October 2014

Pattern My Ombre Tee- Crashing Issues

It has been brought to my attention that some people seem to be experience crashing, either selecting it in CAS or when exiting. This seems to be an isolated issue that only affects some games, so I have no clue what is causing it. My guess is it is because some of the tools are always being updated and bugs are still being worked out.
For those of you who have the tee installed and it works fine, you can keep it installed. But for those that are having issues (and possibly with other content from other creators), it may be best for you to remove the package for now. If I knew what is causing the crashing issue, I would fix it straight away, unfortunately I do not. I will have to investigate and ask some of the modders if they know the cause, and if it can be fixed, but at the present time there is no other options. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Sunday 12 October 2014

Casa De Sol - Mediterranean House for Your Sims

Casa De Sol is quite a quaint, yet imposing home built in a Mediterranean style  to fit into Oasis Springs. With its rustic charm and a little bit of zing from the contemporary traditional interior, it fits well in the neighbourhood while standing out for its uniqueness.

Sunday 28 September 2014

Vermilion Colonial

Due to work, I had very little time to finish some of my building WIPs. Now that my short-term contract is up for that job, I got a little spare time to finish them. This one was inspired by the red siding that came with the game and to also test out the roofing and to see what I could do with it. So this is what came out from that. 

Sleek Pompadour - Female to Male Hair Conversion and Edit for TS4

This is a busy weekend for sharing creations. There was my followers gift of 6 items yesterday, and now for my first TS4 CAS creation! This is actually out of my comfort zone, but I really wanted the female Pompadour hair for guys. I actually found one that was converted, but seeing it in-game, it was just too high (EA loves poofy hair). So I decided to convert it myself and edit it to be a bit lower. The process of converting shorter hairs actually requires importing into Milkshape to fix tiny issues like the back of the neck and the forehead/cheek area due to the different shape of female and male heads. So it was a little extra work, but looks awesome in my game and is one of my fave hairs now.

Saturday 27 September 2014

3000+ Followers Gift - 6 New Clothing Items for Your Guys

If you told me I would have 3000+ followers just over a year and a half after joining tumblr, I would not have believed them. Actually, I still don't believe it myself but here I am. I am just so grateful there are so many people out there that enjoy my content enough to follow me. I don't create to be popular or to get followers, its my creative outlet, so it means a great deal that people enjoy what I share as much as I do.
So, in celebration of this milestone (which happened while I was working with no time to finish up the meshes and post), I am sharing these belated gifts. What we have here is 6 of my latest meshes for YA-Adult guys for you to download. They include 4 tops and 2 bottoms.

These creations are:

The downloads are hosted on their separate pages with all the information listed there. Click on the links above to take you to the download. Again, thank you and I hope you enjoy :)