Sunday 24 November 2019

Smaller Rustic Siding - Timber Baton Siding in 50 colours

I liked the idea of the Seasons siding, but found the scale way to large for my liking. So I took the base texture, edited it, and recoloured it in a tweaked wall palette and voila! Another wood siding that works really well on both classic and modern builds. Endedup using this on the Seasons Buildmode Addon and thought i would polish it up for release so everyone benefits.

Saturday 23 November 2019

Post-Uni Patch Updates

Hi everyone! I have completed the updates for items affected by the patch released prior to Discover University EP that affected items with too many slots and showers. I still need to update custom bedding to work in dorms, but they currently work fine in normal homes. When i have completed that more tedious update, i will post again with the updated links. Here are the sets you will need to update currently:

Serenity Bathroom
Hamptons Getaway
Futura Living
Vara Office

Do note, with the new bookshelves, you are going to have to replace any items that were placed on them because of the side effect of editing the slots. If you are still experiencing issues, make sure you don't have a duplicate file, and if you don't take out and let me know. As far as I am aware the new restrictions shouldn't vary depending on your game settings, but i have heard of issues that people can't use some of the updated items. So if that is the case, best to permanently remove that file until an official statement of what the recommended number of slots as, and whether game settings affects that number.

Saturday 16 November 2019

Mielo Rowhouses

Well look here, I completed a build for Discover University. I really love the style of this world and all the rowhouses, so i decided to replicate that look in this home. It is 3 units, but I only have 1 furnished. With the roommate function you could furnish the other 2 to act like and apartment, or turn into a larger house if you wanted. Playing a single sim, 1/3 of the build suited me just fine.

Thursday 14 November 2019

Broken CC Pre-Uni Patch

thanks to all those who have sent in asks. 
So far I have: 
  1. showers
  2. Beds
  3. Bookcases
these all make sense so i am in the process of investigating exactly what is causing the issues and will update those accordingly. If you have a house using any of my bookcases, it is best to remove the cc until I can update them since it causes the game to crash to desktop. 

Saturday 9 November 2019

Quaint Cottage Expanded - Get Famous Buildmode Addon Part One

Get Famous had a lot of different styles jammed in one pack. Because of this, there is a lot of potential but not a lot of base-items to use as a starting point. This is both a good and bad thing depending on what those items are. In this case is is very good because the items are versatile, but bad because my imagination ran wild. Hence why GF addons will be done in a few instalments in order to get the maximum potential out of all the items the pack offers. The first set up is the Quaint Cottage items with craftsman vibes. So I took the four original items, and turned them into 34 additional styles (and tile configurations for the single sash versions). I feel this set is now complete and will offer much more options for building.