Sunday 28 August 2016

Comfy Pullover Sweater

Well its been a while since I have made any male clothing. This is partially due to other projects and also being uninspired. Really, there is not a lot of content to create unique frankenmeshes for TS4 guys, but taking a break from object CC i came up with a few future projects, including this one. If you look, a lot of the sweaters Maxis makes (not including ties) are overwhelmingly dominated by rolled sleeves. I like choice so I came up with this mashup and I am happy to have another long-sleeve choice when dressing my guy sims.
This top can be used on bodies other then masculine male, but just be aware that the mesh is not optimised for breasts much like all other items converted from men to women with the unisex patch. I have not disabled them as someone might find a use but you will only find them under the masculine filter or if you remove it from the search bar in CAS.