Saturday 22 June 2019

Castellana Cul de sac - A modest Mission home in the Valley

The last home I needed to share for my Del Sol Valley rebuild was the lot i was using for Johnny Zest. I ended up turning it into a Mission-style home and 2 levels and a modest size suitable for a small family. I think it has charm and plays to the more rustic side of the LA inspired world which contains a lot of these types of houses. I love how it turned out myself.
Do note, I needed to change the roofing on the garage to fix a bug associated with disappearing ceilings caused by the glass roofing. So that area is slightly different now.

Sunday 16 June 2019

Brentwood House - Palatial home in Del Sol Valley

I love this place, I also hate it because it is such a huge lot. Filling a 64x64 and making it feel like it belongs in a neighbourhood such as this one in Del Sol Valley is tricky. I think I managed it though. It just took ages to get there. The home is also much larger then I am comfortable with in order to achieve the look i wanted. So decorating took a lot longer then I had planned. it is done now so it is ready to be shared and hopefully others enjoy all the work that went into building it.

Saturday 15 June 2019

Clayton Bungalows - Del Sol Valley Homes

I had initially built a palatial Mission-style home on the large lot in the valley district but felt it just felt too much for the culdesac. So I demolished it and 'subdivided' the lot into 3 smaller homes in a craftsman style. I felt so much better about this approach, even if i couldn't have them as individual houses with families. I have only furnished the middle home as that was my favourite, but you are all free to choose which you prefer and decorate it to your liking.

Sunday 2 June 2019

Ward Manor - Grand home in the Hills of Del Sol Valley

The large lots in Del Sol Valley were a challenge. The biggest is yet to come, but Ward Manor was hard. I wanted a grand home that suits Judith's personality and cannon background i imagine. Her original home did not meet expectations so I rebuilt it. And boy oh boy did i rebuild it. With the same feel as the downtown celeb hangout The Westridge, Ward Manor is grand and a statement in the valley. It is there as a monument of Judith's accomplishments and the power she has in the town. Just as I wanted it.

Saturday 1 June 2019

Avalon Villa - Del Sol Valley Eco Home

One of my lots from Del Sol Valley makeover. I was going to upload them as a lot dump I just don't have them all finished, so separate it is. This one is Thorne's residence and I use the original house as a base for this eco-friendly wonder. With garden roofing, clean simple white exterior, and cutting edge design, this is the proud home of an eco-warrior.