Tuesday 31 May 2011

Almost Finished My Exams!!!!

Well my last exam is tomorrow at 9:30am and then i am free for 7 weeks!!!! lets hope i can get Hillcrest Cove done in that time frame along with all the other jobs i need to get done in real life lol.

Wednesday 11 May 2011

Well its that time of the year again :(

Exams, projects and assignments. 3 words i wish i didn't have to used together. Being at University full time it has come to that point where i am trying to finish off everything that needs to be done and now i have no time tp relax and play. so until june comes around, i will not be simming. not that long but it may very well push back the completion date of Hillcrest cove.

oh well back to studying......................

Sunday 1 May 2011

York Cottage: A CAW and Versailles Creation

Well i have a new build for you all today and this is another lot from my worl WIP but is getting an early reveal as it is going to be included in The Simmers Society Versailles World Project. I am very happy with how this build turned out as anyone who know me will surely know my feelings towards decorating cottagy buildings. It may be country chic but that what i wanted.

Download @ The Sims 3 Exchange

Download @ 4Shared