Sunday 26 March 2023

Over the Rainbow - A Child and Toddler Bedroom

This set has been a long time coming, even well before Growing Together was announced. The idea was to create a cute set that would work for multiple life-stages and a range of genders. Quite hard when my theme was rainbow, but I think I managed it. I know why kid's sets take longer then others I create, they are much more themed, but I do feel the extra time spent on them usually pays off.  

Tuesday 14 March 2023

March 14 Infant Patch

This is just a pre-emptive post to say I am expecting a lot of items to break with the Infant patch. If you find something broken, please limit it to this post so I can collect the responses and get to updating as soon as I figure out the issues causing broken content.

Because of how big and widespread this patch will be, I highly advise the following:

  1. taking a backup of your save files, especially considering it may take days or longer to fix all content that breaks. Your cc saves are essentially going to be unplayable at this time
  2. Remove your mods folder (cut and paste) and store in a safe place before running the patch
  3. Alternately, you can turn off auto-update in the EA app by going to settings located in the dropdown menu for your profile in to top right hand corner, going to applications, and turning off Application updates. This will allow you to wait to update until things are fixed, or a batch fix is available via Sims 4 Studio. 
Please keep in mind I am an individual doing this in my spare time. I pride myself at keeping my content up-to-date but it's too early to know how far reaching this patch will be, or how long it will take to fix. So please be patient and remember, CC creators are people behind the screens.