Sunday 29 September 2019

Welcome to Glimmerbrook - A Realm of Magic Makeover

Glimmerbrook is probably one of my favourite worlds with it's paths, landscaping and the beautiful lead-up to the Magic Realm portal. I could spend a lot of time just taking pictures of the scenery. But I felt I could always improve on the buildings, so that is what I did. Art Nouveau was the buildmode style and it was a challenge initially, but after getting a cohesive look, I hit my stride. I ended up building all 4 residential lots, a community lot, and a personal version of the Magic Realm HQ.

Saturday 21 September 2019

Essa Kitchen - Modern Kitchen Set with 14 New Objects

Just like Shaker and Lennox kitchens, I like making a modern counterpart using the first kitchen as a base then changing up the front design to give a different look. Essa is that modern counterpart to Mina Kitchen. I also wanted to try a few new things with this set like a seamlessly open upper cabinet and a large all-glass pendant. I really love the simple design of this kitchen and will be another great option for the modernist amongst us.

Saturday 14 September 2019

Harlow Chaise Lounges - Contemporary Seating Set

With the release of Island Living, we (finally) got loungers with made me so happy. This also gave me the opportunity to make a chaise sofa, my prefer seating style IRL. With a little tweaking of rigging heights and some acceptable compromises, I have come up with all new possibilities to satisfy my sofa addiction XD

Sunday 8 September 2019

Ornate Tiling - Patch Content Expanded

Patch content can be a nice surprise, and the pre-RoM patch was one of those. Not only was a gorgeous brick added, but a lovely half-tile wall. I don't tend to use those that much and prefer full tile walls, so i decided to take the design and turn it into a matching floor and full tile wall. There are 6 styles of tile used so these will match those included with the patch to give you a bit more usability.