Saturday 31 August 2013

The Blackburn A-frame

I made this house a while ago when I completed another A-frame I have made, but I could never get it to upload, probably due to patterns. Anyway, here it is now with a slight freshen-up and no cc patterns. Still looks good and rustic, and looks great in Hidden Springs or anywhere you want.


PC Hurley Tee 07

Well this is the end of the road, this is my final Hurley themed tee for the forseeable future. It was a great run and now I have some awesome tees and so do all of you. I have finished with tees with a recolourable hurley logo on them, so its not just a stencil, making it more customisable. So these are base game compatible and found in everyday and althletic. The archive contains both the sims3pack and package file formats.


Wednesday 28 August 2013

Watercolour Animals 02

This is the second painting in my watercolour series of painting. This painting cost $750 and found in the painting section of Buy Mode. The mesh is 2 tiles wide, but on a 1 tile footprint. The painting has 2 recolourable channels, the border and the frame.


Sunday 25 August 2013

The Sorrento Modern

Another old WIP I have had for some time, I have updated the build with a more pleasing interior and finally got it ready to upload. This one of many old WIP's I have finally got around to finishing, and I am so happy because a lot of these I have truly loved, and I am happy I can finally share with all of you.


Watercolour Animals 01

Here is the start of a small set of painting i did when I wanted more colour in my personal builds. I love watercolour art and this is what I chose to add. The painting is 1 tile wide and has 2 recolourable channels; the border and frame. The costs $500 and found in the paintings section of Buy Mode. Both sim3pack and package files are supplied in the archive.


Saturday 24 August 2013

Minnawarra Boathouse

He guys! Here is my new old build that I have finally gotten ready for you all. Its a boathouse, and no, its not an IP one. This is designed for Lucky Palms and the boathouse lots there, the address is specifically "21 The Lake, Lucky Palms". That's right on the end of the dock. The house will look good on a narrow lot too, but this is jut the optimum placement for it.


Wednesday 21 August 2013

Abstract Canvas 01

Today I bring you some random pictures I created for my game, and I decided to share them. This is a canvas painting using the UL mesh made to be base-game compatible with 5 styles found in the painting section of buy mode for 1000 simoleons. The painting is 2 tiles wide. Both sim3pack and package files are supplied in the archive.

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Saturday 17 August 2013

Agave Sunrise

This house I have had since I started playing Lucky Palms when it came out, so its been with me a while. I love is a lot and wanted to share. Its quite large, with a little yard (a sacrifice I made to get the proportions right) but I love it and hope you do too. The planter boxes, half gable roofing and the overhangs are this signature of this house and make it stand out from the norm.


Thursday 15 August 2013

PC Hurley Tee 06

Almost the last Hurley tee variation I will be making. I am almost Hurley'd out.

Anyway these stencils use just some of the unique Hurley logos you get on tees. 5 variations in total. Anyway the tee comes in both sims3pack and package format in the archive. I think you all know the drill now if you are a cc addict like me or seen my previous posts.


Sunday 11 August 2013

PC Hurley Tee 05

Yes another. I like Hurley stuff and I want it for my game.

Another stencil design with 5 variations. I really do love the print Hurley does, and these are just some of what is out there. Archive contains both sim3pack and package files.


Thursday 8 August 2013

PC Hurley Tee 04

Yes, another Hurley tee. Can you tell that I love Hurley stuff? You should see my closet :P

this one is completely recolourable. 3 channels are used; the tee, and 2 for the bars. Really helps with customisation, but I have shown 5 possibilities with game patterns. As usual, the sim3pack and package files are included, just choose one.


Sunday 4 August 2013

PC Hurley Tee 03

Well here is another Hurley themed Tee I made. This time the logos are stencils and not recolourable. There are 6 styles to choose from, so its not a limiting factor in usability. Both the sims3pack and package file are included in the archive folder, just extract and choose which one you want.