Wednesday 24 October 2018

Kitchen Updates

I am currently making a new kitchen and came across an issue with my previous versions. There seems to be an issue where a sink or dishwasher placed underneath a cabinet was unusable by sims. I have rectified the issue on the sets that experienced the problem. Please redownload the merged files, or grab the cabinet package files if you use the separated versions.

Shaker Kitchen
Lennox Kitchen
Selvadorian Kitchen

Saturday 20 October 2018

Yanako Modern Seating - Set of Four Comfort Objects

I have a thing for sofas as you are probably aware (if not you must be new here) and I like twists on the designs too. This style I thought was unique and simple that I needed it in my game. The wingback specifically was something I saw at a local shopping centre as 'rest' seating. It was incredibly comfy and unique too, so that had to be made so I could have it in my houses. Overall this has come out as a relatively modern set with a minimalist vibe, something I think is not always catered to with cc. Now I have some furniture perfect for that design style.

Saturday 13 October 2018

Comfy and Practical - Slim Cuffed and Yoga Sweatpants

Another week and two more clothing updates. I think i am almost done! As you can tell I love having a large variety of sweatpants styles in my game for all occasions. These were some of my most-used but with the need to remake them, I made a few improvements. Like all my other styles I have tweaked the textures, fixed bones and added more colour options. Do be aware these suffer from the sunken crotch, but since I will never use them on females and don't make clothing for the feminine frame, there is no point pulling my hair out to rectify it when I will never personal use them.