Saturday 18 September 2021

Cottage Living: Grand Henford Addon


Going to be brutally honest; I can't even use the stone windows from Cottage Living. Their scale is completely off and you would have thought they were a grand window, but they just lack the size. I had to fix it. So I enlarged them by about 50% and added more grand sizes. The lack of a matching door also bugged me, so I stripped the stone off the one design, made is simple, and designed a surround as an option. Also made a surround for the larger door as well. Now I have a set that is going to be perfect for manor builds without being lost on the walls. 

Saturday 4 September 2021

Alesund - Modular Sectional and Chaise Seating

Another week, another sectional. Like most of you have probably figured out, I m addicted to sofas. If not, welcome to my favourite object I love making for my game. With the introduction of sectionals, it just opened up a whole different can of worms so I now have even more options for making seating (not that I needed an excuse before). Anyway, I want a few different choices for sectionals so that i have styles for different occasions. Phumo is very modern/MCM, and Alesund is very contemporary/classic allowing it to fit into more styles. I do want to get around to a classic style too at some point, and I am working on a modern/minimalist version right now. Lots of sofas in the future. In the meantime, enjoy this one.