Saturday 13 July 2019

Tropical Living - Koa Wood Flooring In 2 Varieties

I like lots of options for wood flooring and the two that came with Island Living is no different. I actually found out both of these are the same wood but different types of Acacia common to Hawaii and is very sort after because of it's interesting textures. The first is basically tweaked into my palette plus some more saturated orange undertone styles, and the second i edited into a longboard variant since i am not a fan of short boards when it comes to timber flooring.

Monday 8 July 2019


So i have been fighting to upload these items but i believe it is all done. Things I have fixed:

  • Bathtubs now compatible with mermaids
  • Mirrors compatible with GF interactions
  • Added Strangerville rigging to bathroom items
  • Updated candle tuning and function tags to correctly work on off the grid lots
Sets updated:
  1. Atwood Dining
  2. Atwood Living
  3. Bayside Bedroom Set
  4. Futura Living
  5. Hamptons Getaway
  6. Hamptons Hideaway
  7. Hamptons Retreat
  8. Kingston Dining
  9. Mid-Century Abode
  10. Mid-Century Eclectic
  11. Myra Living
  12. Oasis-Chic Dining
  13. Roarsome Kids Bedroom
  14. Serenity Bathroom

A few other things were mentioned like the always annoying by not reproducible “No counter space” bug (If you are using Mina kitchen make sure the default counter is used and has space free, the alternate versions are really for show or appliances since they aren’t coded to be usable surfaces for preparing meals) or issues with beds and computers. I have looked at all these and can’t find issues on my end so if you are still having issues redownload and if you still are, contact me with exact details so i can attempt to reproduce or diagnose the issue. 
Edit: having issues with SFS uploads not taking, so please use google drive in the mean time.

Edit 2: Looks like SFS database has updated with the new files (I probably overloaded it with the 1.57GB of content that was updated) so you should be safe to redownload. If the date modified listed on the left of the SFS download page is not July 8, download from google drive or wait for a bit and let me know which ones are lagging).