Saturday 26 January 2013

Reynard Theatre

Here is my entry into SIFF's venue challenge over at Simatography (you can check out their seasonal festivals and awards here). I called the venue Reynard Theatre. The back story is that this lot was inspired by Fox Theatre in St Louis, Missouri. Although i couldn't replicate the look in game due to intricate details, I think the granduar is very much intact. I was liasing with jorgha, an organiser of the event, on what would be ideal and I hope it have reached a happy medium while giving it some of my unique flair. Since the theatre doesn't look like the inspiration, I named in Reynard, the name of an anthropomorphic red fox found in many fables throughout Europe linking the venue back to the inspiration, but having its own identity. 

Disclaimer: Due to the use of the "constrainfloorelevation" cheat to create the ceiling effect and arches, this lot may exhibit the known bug where the ceiling will disappear even though there are tiles there. I have tried my best to minimise this bug but in all honesty, it is out of my control. I do apologise to any who come across this as the only way to rectify it is to replace the tiles after deleting them. This is not a permanent solution as the problem will re-occur. I hope with the high ceilings and my precautions and fixes that it will not be an issue but i cannot guarantee anything as EA doesn't want to acknowledge that the bug needs fixing, even though i doubt they know how too. I swear that one day, this bug will be the death of me. 

Maplegrove, Classic Meets Modern

Maplegrove, is in the same style as Kingston Plantation, with a modern twist on the inside. This house is built on a custom lot size, a 25x50, found in edit town mode. These are easy enough to place and i encourage everyone to do so as well but if you don't know how, you can find a 50x50 and have some extra space.

Friday 25 January 2013

New Design and More to Look Forward to

With the new year comes renewed vigor and interest. With this revived interest i have given my space a makeover and I hope to see you all throughout the new year.


Wednesday 23 January 2013

Kingston Plantation

Hello all, sorry for the long delay in posting new lots, i really like procrastinating when it comes to my blog :P
Well here is my newish build which was completed on the weekend. Designed in Sunlit Tides (SLT), it is a classic home in the style of old plantation estates to give a little class to the island. It however can be placed anywhere as I didn't use any SLT specific content ;)
Note that the lot is a 50x50 lot, if you care playing an older world, you may need to go into edit-town mode in order to place the appropriate sized lot. You could place it on a 60x60 and just move the fencing outwards if you need the extra space ;)