Saturday 10 September 2011

Flock Floral Patterns

I have been sitting on these a while and have finally decided to upload. If your wondering why there are 2 types for each size its because i couldn't make up my mind whether to have a textured background or not so thats why i included both so you have the same dilemma i had :P

These are found in fabrics

For those wanting all the patterns and have an archive extractor like winRAR

New Patterns: Painted Wood Siding

Well I purchased Hidden Springs and the houses in the town are beyond saving. So I decided to give it a makeover in my spare time. I am dedicating one area to A-frames, another to colonials and maybe even a section for pre-fab builds. When i got to the colonials i wanted a thin wood siding and the only one i could find had to darker pattern on it. So i decided to make my own and here they are.

These are located in the wood section of CAS. There is 4 types, the wood siding, one with flashing on the left, one with flashing on the right and one with it on the left and right.

And for those who want all of them and have an archive extractor like winRAR

I have another set to go up so stay tuned

Sunday 7 August 2011

Thank you

Thank you Cindy Mae for guiding me to the thread at MTS regarding CAW issues. I have finally been able to reduce crashing and can make the necessary changes to the world without banging my head against a brick wall. So thank you

For those who are experiencing issues and have not come across it yet, I highly recommend checking it out

Saturday 30 July 2011

New Patterns: Dandelion Series

Here are some new patterns as well as an updated one which started this fixation with dandelions. I hope you enjoy :)

Dandelion patterns 1-5 are 2 palettes while pattern 6 has 3 palettes.

i have a few more to go up over the weekend so stay tuned.

Thursday 28 July 2011

Painted Brick Patterns

Here are 2 more patterns i have been sitting on and just converted from CAP to TSRW made patterns. Painted brick is such a versatile texture and works in many different designs. I personally love it is a loft design or even a modern traditional build. I have made 2 sizes but may make a size in between when I get time.

These patterns have 2 palettes, one for the background colour, the other for the shading. I find this gives the best use as there is more control over colouring then if it was just one palette.

Stay tuned for more patterns to be posted over the coming days

Remake: PC Leaf Patterns 1-4 plus a New One

Well since i have decided to update some of my patterns using TSR Workshop, i think it is fitting to update these ones first. The haven't changed from the CAP versions, same amount of palettes but they will transfer with lots. My policy is that you can use these in your creations but give me credit. Please don't upload to a site where you have to pay for them either.

So here they are.................

If you have the CAP versions and you prefer these, uninstall the CAP version and install these through the launcher as any sim3pack files. Stay tuned for updated and new patterns soon.

Wednesday 27 July 2011

Switching over and Updating................................

Well as much as i love Create a Pattern for its simplicity it is really bugging me that the patterns don't transfer the way they are supposed to. So i am changing over to The Sims Resource Workshop tool for creations of my patterns. It means more time is needed to create them but it means that they actually show up the way they are supposed to. So expect updated patterns and newer patterns in this format. I will still use CAP for some patterns that i feel TSRW would not be suitable for but I will state this in the post. So stay tuned for my first lot of updated patterns.................

Hillcrest Cove and CAW

Well i have been working on my world but i have hit a snag and its called CAW. Its buggy, keeps crashing and is not allowing me to make the alterations i want to make and there is quite a few. I will persist with it but if any of you have any tips to reduce the amount of crashing i would really like to hear them. So until i can tame CAW, Hillcrest Cove is progressing at a snails pace...........................................

Thursday 9 June 2011

You may have noticed..........

I am currently using Mediafire right now for alternate downloads. The reason for this is i seem to be getting an annoying error saying i am not connected to the net and to try again. Well i am obviously writing this so i must be connected to the net right? Well until i sort the issue out i will be supplying links to Mediafire as well as the usual Sims 3 Exchange for you all. No big problem but just thought you should all be aware of the change.

Patterns Patterns and more Patterns

Well i thought i would kick off my mid semester break by sharing some new patterns with you all. These are more natural modern patterns and work well in many types of builds i have found. They may not be everyone's cup of tea but i love them, especially the leaf designs which i am currently utilising in a Victorian build i am working on. So here they are.

So that's my new patterns. If you like them it was worth while uploading, if you don't too bad because i like them and that matters the most :P 

Tuesday 31 May 2011

Almost Finished My Exams!!!!

Well my last exam is tomorrow at 9:30am and then i am free for 7 weeks!!!! lets hope i can get Hillcrest Cove done in that time frame along with all the other jobs i need to get done in real life lol.

Wednesday 11 May 2011

Well its that time of the year again :(

Exams, projects and assignments. 3 words i wish i didn't have to used together. Being at University full time it has come to that point where i am trying to finish off everything that needs to be done and now i have no time tp relax and play. so until june comes around, i will not be simming. not that long but it may very well push back the completion date of Hillcrest cove.

oh well back to studying......................

Sunday 1 May 2011

York Cottage: A CAW and Versailles Creation

Well i have a new build for you all today and this is another lot from my worl WIP but is getting an early reveal as it is going to be included in The Simmers Society Versailles World Project. I am very happy with how this build turned out as anyone who know me will surely know my feelings towards decorating cottagy buildings. It may be country chic but that what i wanted.

Download @ The Sims 3 Exchange

Download @ 4Shared

Tuesday 26 April 2011

Chenin Blanc Nectary: From Hillcrest Cove

First off, this is am upload. Secondly, it is indeed from my world but i am sharing this one individually as it is for the Versailles project currently running at The Simmers Society. Its a wonderful idea and i am so happy i could be a part of it.
So this is my first ever nectary so be kind. I hope i included everything but i might not have. i got the basics there so i hope that matters the most. It is grand and classic at the same time so should fit well in a country town or even in the World Adventures holiday destination

Friday 22 April 2011

A CAW Project: Chase Department Store

well i have to admit something, i hate consignment stores. they just seem so dingy in game (the ones EA supplied) and i didn't want that im my world. i decided to turn mine into a department store. this is located next to the laundromat in a converted georgian townhouse and takes up 3 stories of the 4 story building

Thursday 21 April 2011

A CAW Project: The very elegant Laundromat

well i can't seem to make grungy locations so for those wishing for a dirty laundromat have come to the wrong town :P
the story behind this building is as follows. in the early development of Hillcrest Cove, the center of town was populated by townhouses. as urban sprawl took hold of the region, people moved out of the centre of town leaving the lovely townhouses to fall into disrepair. an initiative was put in place to reclaim these buildings for public use and thus the very elegant laundromat came to life. only the first floor is accessible in this 4 story building but what is there is a wonderful place to enjoy cleaning your clothes, a chore not many people like. so enough background here it is

CAW Project: Country Cottage

well here is another new build for my world in progress or WIP *giggles* (yeah i know not that funny :P ) and it will also be uploaded separately for The Simmers Society Versailles Project. it is based off of a floorplan i found but was change significantly inside as i could only achieve the look with the spiral staircase which is not available in game yet. so less of me rambling and more pictures!

now as i stated this will get uploaded but until i an ready to do so this remains in game. when i share it i will notify all of you. hope you enjoy this little snippet of whats to come :)