Sunday 17 February 2019

Iris Seating - Country-Style Comfort Set

Yep, another set of seating. I love the endless variety you have when it comes to this object, and I doubt I will ever get board making them. Anyway, this is a more classic design that I feel I need more of in the game. The combination of the recessed and scroll arm, plus the T-shape cushions just make it look incredibly classy, comfy and inviting. I could definitely see this used a lot in cottage and coastal builds.

Saturday 9 February 2019

Annabel Bedroom Suite - 7 New Furniture Pieces for TS4

I am aiming to do more smaller sets rather then getting stuck on bigger sets that drain my creative energy. Often, it is decor items that take the longest to create because you have to tie it to everything. I have a lot of ideas that have languished because they weren't 'complete.' However, small furniture-only sets would solve that problem and allow me to explore more styles without the burden or finding complimenting items. This bedroom suite is one such idea. Missing country and coastal styles together, I think this has become a perfect modern classic to mix with my other content, particularly my Hamptons series. Designed to fit my luxurious bedding, or standard separated mattresses, this should give a little more variation to your bedrooms.

Saturday 2 February 2019

Multi-Level Loop Carpet

I was asked on tumblr whether I would ever make carpet for TS4. I actually did... but I never released it. I decided to revisit the project and redo the colour palette. I am finally happy with it and can release it without cringing. I don't use a lot of carpet myself, but it's always nice to have a plain version with a little texture. Now I have it I don't have to make it again.