Saturday 24 February 2018

Bradford Seating - Rolled-Arm Style Sofas

I find making seating incredibly relaxing. There are just so many styles out there that I will never be bored or lack inspiration. These came about as I was thinking about an old sofa my parents had which was replaced recently with a newer, more modern design. I liked the design overall (hated the fabric) and find the design is a lot more 'homely' then some designs and wanted to get it a go to see if I could make something similar. This is the end result and I find it works incredibly well with my Hamptons set.

Tuesday 13 February 2018

Rolled Rebel - Tucked-in Tee for Guys

This was a new idea I ad when remaking some of my older clothing. I do like tucked in t-shirts and i love the look of rolled sleeves, so i combined the ideas and turned them into this. It was a pain to get the normalmap right so it didn't overlay bottom items, but once I figured that out all went smooth from there. I really love this top with a nice pair of jeans, definitely gives off a Rebel Without a Cause vibe for sure.

Sunday 11 February 2018

Kinsey Sofa Series - MCM Inspired Seating

I felt like doing another mesh edit/remake of the Bowling night sofa and got carried away so much it didn't end up looking anything like the original. I decided to make it into its own set with a matching loveseat and armchairs which is perfect for those MCM-inspired interiors instead. I really do love a simple tufted sofa in bright colours. It really becomes a focal point of a room and makes it much more lively. Now I have something reminiscent of my favourite sofa from TS3 too, the Bantum set by Awesims. Hopefully you enjoy as much as I am when decorating with these.

Friday 9 February 2018

Welcome to Davenporte - Willow Creek Makeover Part 01

With Austere build set released, i can finally start sharing some of the homes I am making for my Willow Creek Makeover which I have called Davenporte. Starting with one of the larger 'hoods I have fully furnished these family homes of varying sizes to fit almost all family needs. However, don't expect any starters from me, they are not a strong point of mine. What you can expect is well built and designed homes for your average family to live comfortably in. That is what I enjoy building, and that is what goes into my worlds.
There is 5 homes in total 3-4 bedrooms. They do use a little amount of cc limited to build mode items by me to help give a bit more variety to the facades of the homes. If you haven't picked up the community lots yet, be sure to do that here.