Installing Custom Content

Custom Content and Mods for most people is an important part of why they enjoy playing any sims game. It adds new content, interactions, and enjoyability to a game and makes it fresh and interesting. However, third party content is not supported by EA so you have to install it yourself, unlike Expansion, Stuff, and Game packs. It is advisable that someone looking to start using custom content and mods research what they are and how to properly install before diving head first into this realm of the sims community. A basic understanding of how to install and use this content is a must as it will help you troubleshoot why content is not showing up, recognise when content is not working properly, or find corrupt content. Custom Content usage is not to be taken lightly. It can, and has corrupted simmers games through improper use, so be prepared for the worst.

 I am not going to write up my own guide here, but I will link you to some of the many guides and utilities out there that will help you learn what the two types of content are and how to properly install them in your game.


Installing Custom Content (TS3):

Installing Custom Content (TS4):

Programs and Utilities (TS3):

Programs and Utilities (TS4):

Requirements for My Content:

Take special note people of TS4. I keep my game fully updated so it can be said that my content is only compatible with the latest version EA has released. If your game is not fully updated and you are wondering why content is not showing up, that is probably the reason why. Content is mostly not back-compatible because of the changes EA has made to some of the core coding since release (however, older content is mostly compatible with the newer versions except for some CAS content made for the sims 4 demo that has not been remade or updated).

You should also note that with the 64 bit patch, EA forces all cc to be turned off every time you update you game (this is mentioned in Carl's Guide above). You will need to turn on cc each time you update through the options menu. This requires you to restart the game for it to take effect.

My content is also always in a .zip or .rar file. These need to be extracted once downloaded. I mention it on every post, but I do still have people that don't read down that far. You need a program like WINZip or winRAR to extract the items from the archive before placing in your mods folder. They will not work if you leave the archive un-extracted.

Hopefully you find a solution here to installing my content, and content by others, so please read through this before asking me questions. It is often a simple solution for most people. But if problems persist, please post in the related post or contact me and be as specific as possible  because saying "your content isn't working in my game" does not help me help you to track down the issue. 


  1. Hi! I downloaded your nice and creative creations, and I did everything, that sites writes about installation, but the game doesn't show them.
    I extracted te files, put the packages files into the Mods folder, and in the game options menu I checked to enable custom content. I have a fully updated game, but doesn't show the CC. Please help me!

    1. Is it only my cc not showing up in your mods folder or from other people too? Best way to test is download on single package file from a set and put that in an see if it shows up. If it does, the download may have been interrupted and caused the cc to become corrupted. If it doesn't show up, there is a good chance your mods folder structure may not be right and you should try setting that up again.

  2. Do i need any other program that SIMS4 the game to see your content in my game?

    1. No, you only need TS4 to see the content. I imagine it would need to be fully updated as well given the changes made to the gamer since its release.