Monday 20 December 2010

Tuscan Charm: Morellino Town House

hello all,

today i bring you Morellino Town House, a 3 house lot with the central building acting as the primary residence. With the new tools added with Late Night i thought i would see how easy it would be to actually make a functional townhouse and it is indeed quite easy!

This house is designed for the active sim that does not need a large outdoor area. It is spread over 4 floors with elevators acting as the go-between. it is very functional in this respect even with the lag of the elevators.

Download @ The Sims 3 Exchange

Download @ 4Shared

Sunday 12 December 2010

Georgian Townhouse: The epitome of Opulence

The Georgian architecture style was very much ahead of its time in my opinion. It mixed simple symmetrical design with light, bright open spaces to create a style that was as far away from Victorian architecture as a dog is from a cat. I guess this is why i love it as much as modern architecture, it mixes old world style with minimal design elements creating a timeless design. This build i am bringing you today is a Georgian Townhouse, something i have wanted to build and due to Ambitions and new sets available from the store it has become possible.

Saturday 11 December 2010

Sandstone Ridge Usonian: A Sloped Lot House

 This is the 4th house in my FLW series and is a vast improvement on the house which resided at the original location in Bridgeport. Sandstone Ridge Usonian is based on the house designed for George Sturges. It is designed specifically for a sloped lot and was a perfect choice for 153 Windsor Drive Bridgeport.

Friday 10 December 2010

Bleu Victorian: A Challenge for Myself

This build, a Victorian as the name suggests, was a challenge bestowed upon me by Ruthless_kk. I said i was no good at building and decorating in this style and she told me she was uncomfortable building modern homes. I took it upon myself to build this house to push myself. I am not completely happy with it but i as still surprised i was able to complete it. It’s taken a couple of months on and off but i did it.

Wednesday 8 December 2010

Time for a Change

I know its not New Year yet but i decided to give the blog a little makeover. its a lot cleaner in its presentation which was the main goal. i am slowly adding blogs i check to the list as well. 

I hope you all like the new look :)