Friday, 10 December 2010

Bleu Victorian: A Challenge for Myself

This build, a Victorian as the name suggests, was a challenge bestowed upon me by Ruthless_kk. I said i was no good at building and decorating in this style and she told me she was uncomfortable building modern homes. I took it upon myself to build this house to push myself. I am not completely happy with it but i as still surprised i was able to complete it. It’s taken a couple of months on and off but i did it.

This house is finished in a Prussian blue colour scheme, a colour i love, but find it hard to use in my everyday builds. It’s not everyone’s taste but i hope you enjoy

Whats inside:

-Living room
-eat in kitchen
-4 bedrooms
-3 bathrooms
-outdoor entertainment area
-lush gardens


Furnished: $155,400
Unfurnished: $78,602



This is built on a 20x40 lot. This lot is only available in the new edit town mode. Place it where ever you want then place the lot as usual.

Store Items Used:

31 items have been used in this house. They come from various sets. The are include,
-glitter and glam
-sun surf and sand
-story book
-steam punk
-indulgent living
-lunar new year
-earth day
-regal living

Expansion/Stuff Packs Used:

-World Adventures
-Late Night
-Fast Lane Stuff 

CC items:

There is no cc in this build. all items are store or come with the game via updates or add-ons

Well i hope you enjoy my first and possibly last attempt at a Victorian house. I think from now on i will leave it up to the experts. lol


  1. Gorgeous as always PC, this build really makes me thing of early summer, so pretty and cheerful!

    Beautiful Work, absolutely Rec'd! :D

  2. Goooorrgeeous. Absolutely baffles me what some people can make without using CC of any kind -- I may just have to download this, though I don't have a lot of the Store items that are used. :(

    Still, very beautiful. You have some serious building talent. :D

  3. thanks alli :D

    yes i did go a little overboard with the store content but i just couldn't remove once i saw the final product

  4. So lovely Peacy! that study is amazing! I would never stop studying in that house. :D

  5. i adore victorian style and blue. this is gorgeous!! the dining room especially caught my eye i think it's how perfect the windows look with their little drapes and everything XD. lovely work!

  6. Gorgeous! The blue is perfect. I really like that color. I'd say this challenge was very successfully completed.

    Have you ever considered trying an Italianate house design? Downloaded and rec'd!

  7. Ack, I was logged into the wrong account. M = Chrysame