Tuesday 26 April 2011

Chenin Blanc Nectary: From Hillcrest Cove

First off, this is am upload. Secondly, it is indeed from my world but i am sharing this one individually as it is for the Versailles project currently running at The Simmers Society. Its a wonderful idea and i am so happy i could be a part of it.
So this is my first ever nectary so be kind. I hope i included everything but i might not have. i got the basics there so i hope that matters the most. It is grand and classic at the same time so should fit well in a country town or even in the World Adventures holiday destination

Friday 22 April 2011

A CAW Project: Chase Department Store

well i have to admit something, i hate consignment stores. they just seem so dingy in game (the ones EA supplied) and i didn't want that im my world. i decided to turn mine into a department store. this is located next to the laundromat in a converted georgian townhouse and takes up 3 stories of the 4 story building

Thursday 21 April 2011

A CAW Project: The very elegant Laundromat

well i can't seem to make grungy locations so for those wishing for a dirty laundromat have come to the wrong town :P
the story behind this building is as follows. in the early development of Hillcrest Cove, the center of town was populated by townhouses. as urban sprawl took hold of the region, people moved out of the centre of town leaving the lovely townhouses to fall into disrepair. an initiative was put in place to reclaim these buildings for public use and thus the very elegant laundromat came to life. only the first floor is accessible in this 4 story building but what is there is a wonderful place to enjoy cleaning your clothes, a chore not many people like. so enough background here it is

CAW Project: Country Cottage

well here is another new build for my world in progress or WIP *giggles* (yeah i know not that funny :P ) and it will also be uploaded separately for The Simmers Society Versailles Project. it is based off of a floorplan i found but was change significantly inside as i could only achieve the look with the spiral staircase which is not available in game yet. so less of me rambling and more pictures!

now as i stated this will get uploaded but until i an ready to do so this remains in game. when i share it i will notify all of you. hope you enjoy this little snippet of whats to come :) 

Wednesday 20 April 2011

CAW Project: parkside gardens

well this is the latest community lot i have finished. not sure about it though. i wanted to make it look less formal then a market garden like someone had taken over an old park and used it to grow vegetables and fruit. not sure whether i succeeded :/

if you wish to make any suggestions i would be happy to hear them. community lots just aren't my thing

Tuesday 19 April 2011

Just To Clarify............

i noticed today that my world WIP was posted on MS3B. i am very delighted that there are some interested in my world but i do want to stress that this is a WIP and there is aspects of it that will change which include the zoning of the trees/palms to create a better micro-town within my world. i wanted to get the building finished first so i could landscape around them making it look more realistic, for the sims world at least.

there is still a way to go but i do hope to have it done by june/july when i am on my mid semester break but that could change due to unforeseen circumstances and i hope you understand that. i will continue posting pictures of lots and areas i complete as i go so if you would like to see this world evolve your welcome to check it out and comment.

Thank you for you time :)

Monday 18 April 2011

The Right Beach House: A CAW Project

Well i am done with the second beach house and i think it turned out well. no blue in this one :P

the layout is different in this one as it only has 4 bedrooms compared to 5.

this concludes the building phase of Jelly Palm Bay. so thats 1 district down, 6 more to go. it would be 7 but the cemetery district is finished too :P

The Left Beach House: A CAW Project

Well i thought i would share with you an exclusive build to my world. this is a grand beach house situated in Jelly Palm Bay. Its WIP name is the left Beach House because there will be another version, with differing landscaping and interior, to the right as a mirror image. There will be a poolside bar that separates them. it is on a 25x50 lot giving me plenty of room to landscape out back


entry foyer:

living room:



ground floor master bedroom:

1 of 2 kids rooms:


guest bedroom


back garden:

rear of house:

ground floor:

1st floor:

i am furnishing the other build right now and will post when done. hopefully today or tomorrow :)