Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Just To Clarify............

i noticed today that my world WIP was posted on MS3B. i am very delighted that there are some interested in my world but i do want to stress that this is a WIP and there is aspects of it that will change which include the zoning of the trees/palms to create a better micro-town within my world. i wanted to get the building finished first so i could landscape around them making it look more realistic, for the sims world at least.

there is still a way to go but i do hope to have it done by june/july when i am on my mid semester break but that could change due to unforeseen circumstances and i hope you understand that. i will continue posting pictures of lots and areas i complete as i go so if you would like to see this world evolve your welcome to check it out and comment.

Thank you for you time :)

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