Saturday, 23 March 2019

Diagonally Laid Floorboards

I love wood flooring but always want more natural colour variety (I rarely, if at all use unnatural colours). I love the uniqueness of the diagonal flooring from Vampires GP, but it needed more colours and some tweaking (the shine was a bit too much). So I went about fixing that and here it is.

Sunday, 17 March 2019

Upland Place Dingbats - L.A. Inspired Home for Del Sol Valley

Dingbats are just a really kind of intriguing apartment. Lowrise by nature they are common in LA area but also kind of looked down upon. I love the Mid Century design and wanted to bring a little bit of that to Del Sol Valley. There are 4 apartments, i have only furnished 1. You can live in that or choose a different one to have your sim live in instead. This does not function like actual apartments, it is just set up like one.

Saturday, 16 March 2019

Graciously Georgian Version 2.0 - Classic Style Build Set with 60 New and Improved Items

I have been working on this for too long. Way too long. I loved the original set; I use it a lot and we just don't really have anything similar in-game to replicate it. However, the original had issues. It was my first original buildmode set so that was expected. However I kept seeing other issues besides the ones reported that I just had to fix because they bugged me. So it is finally done and I am even happier. Why so long? I have made it so this replaces the original items almost perfectly. Along with fixing existing meshes removing unnecessary polys and fitting better into the game sizing (no clipping through ceilings) I also added a few new items as well.

Saturday, 9 March 2019

Welcome to StrangerVille - Community and Residential Lot Dump

I love StrangerVille. I love the desert landscape, the cacti, the rock formations and the neighbourhood story. Most of all I felt this world gave such a different vibe from anywhere else i didn't feel confined to building the same sorts of lots. That freedom really can spark the imagination and I went about building new lots for how I envision the world. That resulted in 2 community lots (you can't make over the lab unfortunately), and 10 residential lots with the Old Penelope and the 2 versions of the trailer park lot being furnished with the remainder being shells for you to decorate. The Gothic style items were so lovely to work with, and I will definitely be looking at expanding those at a later date.

Saturday, 2 March 2019

Not Quite The Parapet - StrangerVille Addon

It always happens like this. I go ingame and try building with new content only to get an idea on how to make new content, or in this case add additional variations to make it more usable. I loved the idea of the parapet but having to build around a 4 tile wide item was kinda limiting. The mapping was especially well done making the editing of this object incredibly easy.

Sunday, 17 February 2019

Iris Seating - Country-Style Comfort Set

Yep, another set of seating. I love the endless variety you have when it comes to this object, and I doubt I will ever get board making them. Anyway, this is a more classic design that I feel I need more of in the game. The combination of the recessed and scroll arm, plus the T-shape cushions just make it look incredibly classy, comfy and inviting. I could definitely see this used a lot in cottage and coastal builds.

Saturday, 9 February 2019

Annabel Bedroom Suite - 7 New Furniture Pieces for TS4

I am aiming to do more smaller sets rather then getting stuck on bigger sets that drain my creative energy. Often, it is decor items that take the longest to create because you have to tie it to everything. I have a lot of ideas that have languished because they weren't 'complete.' However, small furniture-only sets would solve that problem and allow me to explore more styles without the burden or finding complimenting items. This bedroom suite is one such idea. Missing country and coastal styles together, I think this has become a perfect modern classic to mix with my other content, particularly my Hamptons series. Designed to fit my luxurious bedding, or standard separated mattresses, this should give a little more variation to your bedrooms.

Saturday, 2 February 2019

Multi-Level Loop Carpet

I was asked on tumblr whether I would ever make carpet for TS4. I actually did... but I never released it. I decided to revisit the project and redo the colour palette. I am finally happy with it and can release it without cringing. I don't use a lot of carpet myself, but it's always nice to have a plain version with a little texture. Now I have it I don't have to make it again.

Sunday, 27 January 2019

Caine Living - An Ultraluxe Set for TS4

This was supposed to be a simple sofa set, but then I made the round coffee table and realised the set had to be more. With the gold/metal accents with marble, this set became very ultraluxe, which is not something I do often. This is also my first ever Television. Still surprised I have never made one before. I really love how it came out an I know I will get a lot of use out of the items.

Saturday, 12 January 2019

Vice Sofa Series - Mid-Century Inspired Seating

More sofas! You should all know by now I love making them and as long as i do, i will keep making them. This set goes particularly well with items from my Mid-Century sets and Futura Living I released last week. With a MCM vibe and unusual design, it will add a bit of interest to your living rooms.

Monday, 7 January 2019

Google Drive Alternate Links Added

While SFS is down and Onedrive is complaining about overuse, I have added Google Drive links to items until the issues are resolved. I have not added them to lots though, you can grab those off the gallery or wait for things to get fixed on SFS side.

If I have missed anything post ON THIS POST and i will add it as needed.

Edit: Only the merged file has an alternate link. If you want the separated you will have to download that or wait. I will not be adding and alternative for it since the merged is the preferred file download.

Saturday, 5 January 2019

Futura Living - Retro-Futuristic Living and Dining Set

Mid-century was an interesting time design-wise as many things were going on. Coming out of art-deco and Bauhaus, we have multiple technology advances that helped shape design of the era outside of the popularity of what is commonly referred to Mid-Century Modern that we enjoy today. With the harnessing of atomic energy and space travel, these influenced aspects of design and gave some out of this world designs. This set is inspired by that period of design, when space age, atomic age, and Mid Century mingled to create an interesting eclectic style that was full of personality.