Sunday 30 April 2023

Kallah Seating - Outdoor Sectional and Chaise

I wanted a sectional specifically designed for outdoor use, so I made it. With winter coming my way, i want to be reminded of the warmth, so this will do nicely for that purpose 😅🤣

Sunday 9 April 2023

Well Crafted Expanded - 42 New Build Items For Growing Together

This addon was probably the single most requested I have ever had. Even before the pack released I was being asked about an addon. Once i got my hands on it, I could see why. I have done my best to expand upon the items, but some requested additions just weren't possible, such as medium height doors and arches. I don't see this as a big loss as I believe the short doors are in proportion to sims and still look fine on medium walls (which I predominantly work with) so i am overall happy with how it turned out.