Thursday 30 June 2016

The Waterford

This is the last inner-city tudor home I made for my Windenburg that sits just above the pub near the community lot district. The former like of the Behr sisters, this is now a spacious classic-style tudor home overlooking the canals and the rest of the inner-city area. It offers plenty of space for a small, so if you like living centrally but need a decent number of bedrooms, this may suit your needs. As usual, this home comes unfurnished. Do note, i removed the spruce in the pictures just so this was completely cc free. If you have any of plasticbox's unlocked plants, you can add it back. 

The home features:
  • 5 bedrooms
  • 3 bathrooms
  • open plan dining/kitchen
  • price: $58,865
  • 20x30 lot size
  • Unfurnished
This Home Uses content from:
  • Basegame
  • Get to Work
  • Get Together

You can find the house on the gallery under my origin ID: peacemaker_ic. Be sure to turn on "custom content" filtering in advanced options.

If you don't want to use the gallery, you can download the house from one of the download links below.

To install into your game, Extract the archive then navigate to The Sims 4 folder in My Documents. Find the Tray folder and place ALL of the files you extracted from the archive into it. Open your game and find the home in your library, just as if you dl'd it directly from the gallery. Ensure "include custom content" is active in advanced options if lot includes cc.


Monday 27 June 2016

UPDATED - Patterned Jute Rugs

Just another quick rug retexture for you all. I really love rugs, and already have a heap of choices, but i love natural jute rugs and only had my round jute rugs made out of that material. Since they are easy to make, I whipped these up for myself, and decided to share them with you all.

Saturday 25 June 2016

Windenburg Makeover - Community Lot Dump

As some of you may be aware from what lots I have been uploading, I have been releasing my unfurnished homes I have made for my Windenburg makeover. Those with Get Together also know that the community lots needed some TLC too. So what I did was give them all makeovers, from a simple re-skin and touch-up, to a complete rebuild. Every community lot, apart from The Bluffs, Ancient Ruins and park in the modern district have been given the makeover treatment, so if you are interested in downloading one or all these builds, they have now been play-tested and ready to share (took a while, but glad because a few issues where picked up, might not be all of them though). They are all fully furnished, but use a small amount of cc, mainly unlocked plants and some of my creations. Feel free to decorate more if you wish, they are really just a more pleasant blank canvas. I generally don't overload these lots with items in my game as I don't see the need, so for some they make seem a little sparse. Check below the cut for details and download.

Saturday 11 June 2016

Looker Window Addons

I was waiting for Dine Out to come and decided to start building my restaurant in anticipation. I really love the looker windows that came with the base-game, but only being in 2 tile meant they had limited use. So since we can now make windows easily with S4S, I went about making some size variants to give a bit more choice, and this is the final result.

These windows have both a standard and diagonal wall mesh, and both have been edited for the new sizes. Maxis also priced the tall wall variations weirdly compared to the other 2 sizes, so I just went with it despite it being odd for the sake of consistency. I have also included a default replacement for the short 2 tile window since Maxis botched the cutout and you could see the wall within the frame.