Saturday 30 July 2011

New Patterns: Dandelion Series

Here are some new patterns as well as an updated one which started this fixation with dandelions. I hope you enjoy :)

Dandelion patterns 1-5 are 2 palettes while pattern 6 has 3 palettes.

i have a few more to go up over the weekend so stay tuned.

Thursday 28 July 2011

Painted Brick Patterns

Here are 2 more patterns i have been sitting on and just converted from CAP to TSRW made patterns. Painted brick is such a versatile texture and works in many different designs. I personally love it is a loft design or even a modern traditional build. I have made 2 sizes but may make a size in between when I get time.

These patterns have 2 palettes, one for the background colour, the other for the shading. I find this gives the best use as there is more control over colouring then if it was just one palette.

Stay tuned for more patterns to be posted over the coming days

Remake: PC Leaf Patterns 1-4 plus a New One

Well since i have decided to update some of my patterns using TSR Workshop, i think it is fitting to update these ones first. The haven't changed from the CAP versions, same amount of palettes but they will transfer with lots. My policy is that you can use these in your creations but give me credit. Please don't upload to a site where you have to pay for them either.

So here they are.................

If you have the CAP versions and you prefer these, uninstall the CAP version and install these through the launcher as any sim3pack files. Stay tuned for updated and new patterns soon.

Wednesday 27 July 2011

Switching over and Updating................................

Well as much as i love Create a Pattern for its simplicity it is really bugging me that the patterns don't transfer the way they are supposed to. So i am changing over to The Sims Resource Workshop tool for creations of my patterns. It means more time is needed to create them but it means that they actually show up the way they are supposed to. So expect updated patterns and newer patterns in this format. I will still use CAP for some patterns that i feel TSRW would not be suitable for but I will state this in the post. So stay tuned for my first lot of updated patterns.................

Hillcrest Cove and CAW

Well i have been working on my world but i have hit a snag and its called CAW. Its buggy, keeps crashing and is not allowing me to make the alterations i want to make and there is quite a few. I will persist with it but if any of you have any tips to reduce the amount of crashing i would really like to hear them. So until i can tame CAW, Hillcrest Cove is progressing at a snails pace...........................................