Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Hillcrest Cove and CAW

Well i have been working on my world but i have hit a snag and its called CAW. Its buggy, keeps crashing and is not allowing me to make the alterations i want to make and there is quite a few. I will persist with it but if any of you have any tips to reduce the amount of crashing i would really like to hear them. So until i can tame CAW, Hillcrest Cove is progressing at a snails pace...........................................


  1. I have been looking forward to adding your world to my game, it seem since the last update or expansion pack everyone has been having issues with their CAW.

    Here are some good tips to try:

    Good Luck.

    Cindy Mae

  2. thanks cindy. i have bookmarked it. nice to know i am not the only one having issues