Sunday 5 February 2012

Back........ Sort of..........

Well i thought i would post here, even though i don't think anyone will see it. I am back to simming even though i came close to packing it in altogether. I am a recluse since certain things occurred a while back, sticking to what i know and people i feel comfortable around. Really i only understand the creator part of the Sims community and frankly they are the only ones i want to understand. Who really wants to get trolled? no me.

I am currently testing Hillcrest Cove (yes its been a year and a half, i guess i am not as speedy as i though :P ) and will hopefully be up (assuming i can upload to the exchange, if not a file hosting site if they manage to survive SOPA and that other US bill). Its a big world and my first and i want to get it right. I am no expert, far from it but i don't want to share a world with cut corners and things missing. That is just not my style

I am also working on a new world, with plenty of new builds and lots more lots. Yes it does look like i am torturing myself with the larger project (close to 200 lots) but i guess that's just me.

So here i am back and not gone. Its just not time. When it is you will all be the first to know. Until then returning to regular simming.