Wednesday 23 December 2020

Peacemaker On Patreon

After much research, debate, and procrastination, I have opened an account for those that don’t find PayPal the most convenient way to show appreciation for this little hobby of mine. Out of all the options, Patreon fit the criteria the best (Kofi was runner up but it predominantly uses PayPal and Stripe which wasn’t a big enough difference from just donating via PayPal).

I want to make this clear: I pride myself on the fact my content is free, and it will remain that way. I have no interest in making exclusive content or implementing timed releases. I want people to support me because they like what I do and not because they expect something out of it. After all, I do this because I love it and I want that to remain the same. I feel that is the reason my content stands out, and making items to a schedule would suck the fun and creativity out of it. 

This will be run as a Pay-What-You-Want, where you are just choosing to freely support me and what I do, regardless of how much you choose to pledge. I may post up early WIPs of projects, or ask for testers if the need arises, but that is as exclusive as it will get. 

Anyway, enough rambling. If you are interested the link is below (and added to my blogger and tumble blog). And remember, I will only feel comfortable if the people supporting me are both willing and able to do so. If you aren’t, that is totally cool and just knowing you love my content is enough (along with all the kind messages 😉 )

Peacemaker on Patreon

Saturday 19 December 2020

Stone Floor & Wall Tiles - Chevron and Field Designs

These designs came to me while making Hudson bathroom. I have played around with trying to make chevron tiles before, but they just didn't come out quite right. This attempt actually did. I Then decided to include a simpler field tile because too much chevron can be over the top. So this turned into a mini-set in itself and now it's ready to share with all you lovers of tiles. 

Sunday 13 December 2020

Hudson Bathroom - Collection of 31 New Items

I have had the idea to do a more 'industrial' bathroom for quite some time, but the idea never coalesced enough to come reality. I finally found that spark to reignite the idea, and here we are. I wouldn't say this is specifically industrial in style, but the metal takes centre stage in the design. It also has a few new ideas like a separated shower and surround which i thought was ingenious when I saw the idea floating around a few places.