Monday 29 April 2024

Party Essentials Expanded - Addon for TS4

When I got a code for the Party Essentials kit courtesy of the EA Creator Network, I left left wanting. It was really only catered to the people that play with short wall builds, but I saw this pack as having great potential for community builds that were created using taller wall heights. Although I couldn't do a huge amount in regards to morte decor, I know I could add a bit more variety and useability for community spaces so i decided to make an addon addressing the lack of content for those sorts of builds. 

If you haven't picked up the new kit yet and want to support what I do, enter PEACEMAKER in the coupon code section at checkout and 5% of your purchase goes to supporting me

Monday 8 April 2024

Postmodern Living - Vibrant Modern Set for Your Sims

I felt colour-deprived so I swung violently towards a postmodern set because of how in-your-face the colours can be. I think I made it a little more approachable, but i definitely got my colour fix.