Saturday 26 June 2021

Kitayama Living - Japanese-Scandi Fusion with 39 New Objects

This set came about from a Pinterest image where Japanese and Scandinavian style were fused together to create something new. I really loved the idea and was inspired to make a set based on the theme. There are parallels between the two styles, but the beauty is in the differences and married together become of so wonderful. I got so carried away I had to split this set into two parts, or my internet might of thrown a tantrum (and gives me time to organise the other part). So enjoy the first instalment. 

Saturday 5 June 2021

Oasis Riad

I had a lot of fun with the new Courtyard Oasis Kit, and decided to upload the house that eventuated from that fun. I started with the courtyard and worked out, so it's not a perfect shape or layout, but I think it works pretty well when I chose aesthetics over function. Had a lot of issues with the known stair bug where open foyers caused the stairs not to work, but tested a workaround which I hope works for all you like it did my tester. If the stairs don't work for you, let me know. 
Anyway, I hope you enjoy the small upload this week.