Wednesday 24 March 2021

24th March - Patch issues

 It has come to my attention that today's patch has also broken custom chairs. I am currently investigating the cause and when I know the issues, I will update all my chairs (oh god i have too many chairs). 

Update: Turns out chairs have been restricted to 32bit instances which is not ideal. I wont be updating until the gurus investigate and decide if they can update it on the backend or whether it is a permanent change. So for the moment custom chairs remain broken when slotted to surfaces (this included barstools, dining chairs, and office chairs). 

Saturday 20 March 2021

Elsie Bedroom Basics - 25 New items

This was supposed to go up last week, but you know how life gets in the way. This is something I have been teasing on Patreon (only thing I could think to give as a little thank you to those supporting without pay-walling stuff). It is in concept a basics collection to give a standard, simple design that can be used throughout a home (in this case bedrooms) to give a cohesive feel. I am usually not for people asking for very specific designs in smaller bedframes or visa versa, but i can get behind a design that takes all sizes into consideration from the get go. If I like the concept, I may do more in the future. 
As this states, it is a basics collection, so it's just furniture (and mirrors).