Saturday 29 March 2014

A Milestone

I just wanted to make a quick note here to say thank you to all the people that have visited my blog since its inception in 2010. I now have 200 unique posts (well 202 including this post) on my blog and I am so proud of that. I have posted many different things here since September 2010, so I thank everyone who has liked, shared, commented and used on my creations. It brings me great joy seeing the sims community using content that I have poured my heart into and have helped support. I look forward to the next 200 posts, but lets hope it doesn't take another 4 years to reach that goal.


Wednesday 26 March 2014

Rolled Sleeve Tee - New top for the guys

Well, I am back with a simpler top this week for all your guys. In the sims 3, the one thing that bugs people is the length of t-shirts for guys. This is partially to do with the UV mapping and the area available to lengthen the mesh and keep the pattern tiling reasonable. Well I decided to give lengthening a go for this new t-shirt and I am rather happy with it. It is not a large increase in length, but the UV map is restrictive like that. The mapping is not perfect, and some patterns wont look good on this tee due to some stretching, but overall I am happy with the outcome.
So this tee features:

  • 3 recolourable channels (tee, rolled part of sleeves, and the collar)
  • available in everyday, sleepwear and athletic categories of CAS
  • 3 presets
  • custom thumbnails
  • basegame compatible
The archive contains both the sim3pack and the package files along with the preview shots. So choose which method of installation you prefer then delete the rest. I hope you enjoy :) 


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Thursday 20 March 2014

Folded Collar Sweater - New top for men

Today I bring you another new top for you adult - adult men for your games. I have done a lot of jackets and more formal tops recently, but I think men deserve some more casual items too. Out of that idea came this sweater. It is a mashup of the v-neck from Outdoor Living Stuff and the folded collar tee from ITF. I meshed them together to give the top you see here. It is one of my favourite tops now (in the red style) and I hope you enjoy it too.
The outfit's details include:

  • New frankenmesh by me
  • Mashup of EA textures
  • Fully Recolourable with 4 recolourable areas (the base, ribbed cuffs/bottom, collar detail, inside lining)
  • 3 preset styles with custom thumbnails
  • Categorised as everyday, formalwear, athletic, and outerwear. 

The archive contains both the sim3pack and package files. So choose which file type you will install, and delete the rest. I hope you enjoy :)


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Monday 17 March 2014

PC Hurley Shirt 01 - Saint Paddy's Day Themed Top

This is a re-release of a t-shirt I made last year, and since I made it after Saint Paddy's Day, I thought I would re-share on the actual day. So if you already have this tee in your game, there is no need to redownload, its the same shirt.

The shirt is base game compatible and consists of 2 recolourable channels, the logo and the t-shirt. I prefer this sort of design over a static logo as the design is far more diverse and can suite the needs of the user. The outfit is found in everyday, athletic and sleepwear. The archive file contains both the sim3pack and the package file versions so you can choose either version depending on how you prefer to install content. I hope you enjoy


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Thursday 13 March 2014

Long Sleeve Unisex Onesie

Frankenmesh time again people! This time it is toddler clothing. The one thing that bugged me about my previous retexture was not the texture itself, but the fact that I picture onesies with long sleeves. So with the permission of aikea-guinea from club crimsyn and tumblr once again (you can find her original here and my 2 versions here and here) I took some long sleeves from another outfit, modified them and this is the end product. The outcome is pretty spiffy if you ask me.

The outfit features:

  • 3 recolourable channels
  • available for both genders
  • 3 preset styles, one plain and the other 2 with gender-specific stencils
  • custom thumbnails
  • Located in the everyday, formalwear and sleepwear categories of CAS
The archive contains both the sim3pack and the package file formats. Choose one method of installation and delete the other file. Thank you and I hope you enjoy :)


Saturday 8 March 2014

Random Pattern Pack 02

Well its time for another pattern pack ladies and gentlemen! This time its a random one, no theme and a bit of and eclectic mix. I collect pattern source material from lots of places, and sometimes I don't have enough to make a normal themed set, but you know what? I like the randomness. So lets get to the nitty gritty. The pattern features:

  • 12 fully recolourable patterns with 2 or 3 channels
  • they are found in abstract, geometric and 1 in themed
  • pretty (even if I am bias)

The archive contains both the sim3pack and package files. Choose which method you prefer then delete the rest. I have also included the preview pictures in case there are some patterns you don't want to have in-game. Just match the names and remove those too. Thank you and I hope you enjoy.


Thursday 6 March 2014

Comfy Jacket

Today I bring you another frankenmesh, the third I have made. I always loved this store jacket (no longer available as far as I am aware) but I love the long sleeves from the v-neck sweater that came with outdoor living stuff. So, I combined the 2 to give you what you see here. I have tested it in my game and another, and the only issue picked up on was a slight clipping of the thumb through the cuff. These are the original bones assigned from the base mesh, so not much i can do about it.

The jacket has 4 recolourable channels, the jacket, the cuffs/base of jacket, and the pockets. The top is found in everyday, formalwear, sleepwear, athletic and outerwear. There are 3 preset colours with custom thumbnails. The archive contains both the sim3pack and package files along with the preview picture. Choose which method of installation you prefer and delete the other. I hope you enjoy.