Sunday 8 July 2012

Lakeside View, My First Build in Many Many Months..........

Well what can i say? Being MIA is just like in the military. Many people on forums don't have contact with the people they know in real life and understand why you left. Why do they leave? Are they coming back? Well for me university life got hectic, playing TS3 wasn't fun anymore and i just couldn't bring myself to insert that disc into the dvd drive. That has changed. i am back, still busy but hope to get those projects i have laying around finished. Hopefully. No promises. Afterall life is full of mysteries and uncertainties like many of you may be aware of.

Anyway here is a lot i created for Lucky Palms and those nifty boathouse lots. I call it Lakeside View (because i couldn't think of anything better). So i hope you enjoy it even after this long absence of mine.