Saturday 10 September 2011

Flock Floral Patterns

I have been sitting on these a while and have finally decided to upload. If your wondering why there are 2 types for each size its because i couldn't make up my mind whether to have a textured background or not so thats why i included both so you have the same dilemma i had :P

These are found in fabrics

For those wanting all the patterns and have an archive extractor like winRAR

New Patterns: Painted Wood Siding

Well I purchased Hidden Springs and the houses in the town are beyond saving. So I decided to give it a makeover in my spare time. I am dedicating one area to A-frames, another to colonials and maybe even a section for pre-fab builds. When i got to the colonials i wanted a thin wood siding and the only one i could find had to darker pattern on it. So i decided to make my own and here they are.

These are located in the wood section of CAS. There is 4 types, the wood siding, one with flashing on the left, one with flashing on the right and one with it on the left and right.

And for those who want all of them and have an archive extractor like winRAR

I have another set to go up so stay tuned