Sunday 26 October 2014

Classic Walls For TS4 - Solid Colours

Here is part 4 of my Classic Wall set for TS4. Now you see where I lost my mind. I loved the wallpapers I made, but I don't like to mix and match styles. Since the walls had custom cornices and kickboards, I had to have solid coloured walls to match. The dilemma? What colours should I choose? Well I chose 60 colours. Yes 60. I am not kidding. Don't laugh. But it does sum up the classic wall set for now (I might revisit it later to add dado rail versions for the colours) where I made 400 image files just to get the 4 sets in-game. It was worth it, but it was a lot of work.

Classic Walls For TS4 - Woodland Wallpaper

Here is part 3 of my Classic Wall set for TS4. Do you see how this project kept growing? I love wallpapers and matching walls, so I had to have another wallpaper choice. This birch woodland pattern is one of my favourites. And again, I had to have colour variants. This time only 8, I was behaving myself. Don't let that fool you, I went all the way on the next set.

Classic Walls For TS4 - Lotus Wallpaper

Here is part 2 of my Classic Wall set for TS4. I loved the Wisteria patterns, but TS4 lacks a lot of  good feature wallpapers so I went to work and made another set of walls to use as well. This is another Farrow and Ball wallpaper called Lotus. I am not one to upload only one colour, so I went (overboard) and made another set with an array of colours. Do you see how this project got out of hand? Well it didn't stop here..............

Classic Walls For TS4 - Wisteria Wallpaper

Hi there my fellow simmers! today I bring one of my biggest projects to date for TS4. One of my favourite walls from TS3 was my Classic Wall Set (found here) so I decided when WallEz came out I would convert them to TS4 then it all got out of hand. After changing to S4S when they added wall functionality and the ability to edit normalmaps and speculars, I decided I wanted a full set of walls to match. 400 image files, 9 wall sets, and lots of time in PS, I am finally ready to share them with all of you. This first set is one of my favourite RL wallpapers by Farrow and Ball converted for game use in an array of colours. I hope you enjoy them as much as me.

Wednesday 22 October 2014

Pattern My Ombre Tee- Crashing Issues

It has been brought to my attention that some people seem to be experience crashing, either selecting it in CAS or when exiting. This seems to be an isolated issue that only affects some games, so I have no clue what is causing it. My guess is it is because some of the tools are always being updated and bugs are still being worked out.
For those of you who have the tee installed and it works fine, you can keep it installed. But for those that are having issues (and possibly with other content from other creators), it may be best for you to remove the package for now. If I knew what is causing the crashing issue, I would fix it straight away, unfortunately I do not. I will have to investigate and ask some of the modders if they know the cause, and if it can be fixed, but at the present time there is no other options. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Sunday 12 October 2014

Casa De Sol - Mediterranean House for Your Sims

Casa De Sol is quite a quaint, yet imposing home built in a Mediterranean style  to fit into Oasis Springs. With its rustic charm and a little bit of zing from the contemporary traditional interior, it fits well in the neighbourhood while standing out for its uniqueness.