Sunday, 26 October 2014

Classic Walls For TS4 - Solid Colours

Here is part 4 of my Classic Wall set for TS4. Now you see where I lost my mind. I loved the wallpapers I made, but I don't like to mix and match styles. Since the walls had custom cornices and kickboards, I had to have solid coloured walls to match. The dilemma? What colours should I choose? Well I chose 60 colours. Yes 60. I am not kidding. Don't laugh. But it does sum up the classic wall set for now (I might revisit it later to add dado rail versions for the colours) where I made 400 image files just to get the 4 sets in-game. It was worth it, but it was a lot of work.

The walls feature:
  • basegame ccompatibility
  • 60 colour variations
  • colours split into 6 sets as individual groups as seen in preview images
  • custom thumbnails
  • seamless tiling
  • found in paint category of Build Mode
  • costs $3
  • available for all wall heights
Note: These walls are NOT scaled to EA's wall texture sizes. I wish to maintain the quality of the texture and this cannot be done so with EA's texture sizes. Some people experience a bug where the unscaled walls show up as a texture with a question mark. So be aware that if you download these walls and experience the glitch, these walls are not for you. I have no plans to scale the texture down because of the loss of quality.

The archive contains the 6 package files and preview images. Just place in your mods folder and look for them in your game. I hope you enjoy.



  1. Love it!!!! You're wonderful :)

  2. Thank you very much. This is just what the game needs.

  3. These wallpapers are amazing and they were SO needed, but they only work on medium wals for me. Same goes for your lovely wysteria wallpapers too. I get the big rainbow question mark of doom if I try it on any wall height! Good thing is that your thumbnails are working, I downloaded some wallpaper from another blog and they only work on medium walls AND their thumbnails are the question mark which makes it really hard to pick one everytime I want to paint the walls!
    Thanks again for taking the time to make these as they're a lifesaver but if there's something that can be done to make them work for all walls that would be awesome.

    1. That is a very odd bug indeed! There seems to be quite a few of these with TS4 content, but not consistent enough to find the cause for the modders though :/ I am sorry you can only use them on medium wall heights, but i am happy to know you are getting some use out of them. I will keep an ear to the ground and see if modders find a solution to the issue you are having.

  4. I've just downloaded half (at least) of your walls downloads, and will come back to dowload all the others! I guess i'm as crazy as you =). Just love it all, it looks great.

  5. I downloaded and installed as follows, unzipped the folder only copied the .package files and pasted them in the Mods folder, when I open the game the following message appears: 84 items were excluded from the construction mode, it does not belong to its origin library . It was something so written. Do you understand? I am Brazilian and I'm using google translator.

    1. I have never had anyone report this sort of error before. I am not sure what to suggest for you to try out either. Never heard of the game excluding cc items before.

  6. Your work deserve respect. Thanks for sharing your creations.