Thursday 9 June 2011

You may have noticed..........

I am currently using Mediafire right now for alternate downloads. The reason for this is i seem to be getting an annoying error saying i am not connected to the net and to try again. Well i am obviously writing this so i must be connected to the net right? Well until i sort the issue out i will be supplying links to Mediafire as well as the usual Sims 3 Exchange for you all. No big problem but just thought you should all be aware of the change.

Patterns Patterns and more Patterns

Well i thought i would kick off my mid semester break by sharing some new patterns with you all. These are more natural modern patterns and work well in many types of builds i have found. They may not be everyone's cup of tea but i love them, especially the leaf designs which i am currently utilising in a Victorian build i am working on. So here they are.

So that's my new patterns. If you like them it was worth while uploading, if you don't too bad because i like them and that matters the most :P