Wednesday 29 September 2010

4shared and My Creations

Just posting to say that all new builds from The Harwood onwards will come with an alternate 4shared link for downloading. all old builds will only be on the exchange unless updated as due to the constant patches and updates to the game it can eventually become obsolete and uninstallable.

From The Archive: Peacy's Pad

I have a few builds in progress at the moment but until i have playtested and finished snapping the pics they are far off being uploaded to share. In the mean time i thought i would share a build very close to my heart. This house was built for The Simmers Society Town Of TSS where the members of this site, where i am a moderator, add a house and avatar for the members to dl and play. this was my contribution to the project.

You can find the slideshow link here

This lot does contain cc patterns and items from the sims 3 store. this house was specifically designed with my personal tastes in mind and i didn't hold back using the store content. this is my dream house, what i would live in given the chance and it gave me such joy building and sharing it with the TSS and sims community. 

i hope you enjoy this house from my archive :) 

Sunday 26 September 2010

New Build: The Harwood

This new lot of mine is a colonial build designed for a large family. Situated on a 30x40 block it has a regal feel without being overstated.

This lot features:

5 bedrooms
Formal and informal sitting rooms
Kitchen with breakfast nook
Formal dining room
Double garage

Here are some interior pictures:

Click Here For More Pictures

Expansion/Stuff Packs Used:

Sims 3 World Adventures
Sims 3 Ambitions
Sims 3 High End Loft Stuff

Is There CC?

All patterns are either from the base game or updates. i have recently decided to go thrid party cc free for houses as there can be too many issues relating to them from the constant updates and corruption that seems to occur.

 The game version i am running is

well i hope you enjoy this build as much as i did making it. i have a lot of projects on at the moment but due to RL commitments i can probably only get 1 lot up a week. stay tuned for updates and archive posts in the coming weeks


Tuesday 21 September 2010

From The Archive: The Beach House Series

well since the exchange is acting up again i thought i would share with you one of my past series of builds. they are designed as beach houses on smaller lots to take in the view of the ocean. decorated in colours taken from items found near the sea they were quite popular and some of my favourite builds to date.

first of the series was the Driftwood:


download link:

Next up was The Sandstorm:


download link:

The Rockpool:

slideshow link:

download link:

The Alliga:

slideshow link:

download link:

the final house of this series is The Noonflower:

slideshow link:

download link:

now these builds do use the garage door from the BahHaus set from the store which can be found at this link:

it is not needed and will be replaced with the base game door if you don't have the store item in game. the base game door looks just as nice and for some people, they may think its better.

well i hope you enjoyed this archive post and i should have a new build up soon.

Monday 20 September 2010

A Little Bit of Filing

i have been creating houses for the sims 3 since it was released in June of 2009. there are quite a lot i have shared with the community. 

here is the link to my sims 3 studio:

i also have a TSR account found here:

there are numerous builds found at these locations. over the coming months i will showcase some of my sets for you all here to make them a little more accessible for the visitors.

Welcome All!

Hello all and welcome to my blog. some of you may know me from the sims 3 creative corner but due to the overwhelming issues plaguing the forums i have decided to start a blog to showcase my creations. as you may be aware this will mostly be houses for the sims 3 games but i also make patterns as well when needed. 

i hope anyone new will find something of interest within these digital pages as i add new items periodically. i am a university student so this may not be on a continuous basis but i hope you find my work of a high quality which is both functional and stylish.

as a note to all downloaders i will not use third party custom content (cc) items (furniture, painting etc.) but I may use cc patterns (these will be in the sims3pack format and transfer) or items from the sims 3 store and expansion/stuff packs. i want to provide these creations that a free from excess content that may harm peoples games. with the new additions to the sims 3 franchise it is becoming easier to create interesting lots without the need for these third party items. after all if you do have these sorts of items in your game, they can be added easily at your discretion.

well i think that's all and i hope you will enjoy what i have to offer.