Wednesday, 29 September 2010

From The Archive: Peacy's Pad

I have a few builds in progress at the moment but until i have playtested and finished snapping the pics they are far off being uploaded to share. In the mean time i thought i would share a build very close to my heart. This house was built for The Simmers Society Town Of TSS where the members of this site, where i am a moderator, add a house and avatar for the members to dl and play. this was my contribution to the project.

You can find the slideshow link here

This lot does contain cc patterns and items from the sims 3 store. this house was specifically designed with my personal tastes in mind and i didn't hold back using the store content. this is my dream house, what i would live in given the chance and it gave me such joy building and sharing it with the TSS and sims community. 

i hope you enjoy this house from my archive :) 

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