Tuesday 29 May 2018

Beachdays: Some Junk in Your Trunks & Surfs Up! Boardshorts

I really let these clothing updates fall by the wayside, that's for sure. So right back into them it is! This time is a redo of my swimwear from a followers gift with cleaned up textures, new styles, and just generally nicer to look at. I canned some styles, but since these don't replace the original, you can have both versions if you wish.

Saturday 19 May 2018

Hamptons Builtin - Intergrated Furniture Options for TS4

I have been working on these items for over a year. It started off as an idea to have a modular builtin cabinet system for nooks in my living rooms for TVs and clutter. Then it expanded to bay windows. This has gone through many iterations and redos but its finally at a stage of completion, so people can enjoy it as much as me.

Saturday 5 May 2018

Vara Lounge - Exposed Frame Seating

I love making sofas. There are just so many different designs out there that the inspiration is infinite. This set was made to test a new alternate fabric texture set I have been meddling with and quite happy how it turned out. I like this set because it is the same texture just in different colours, unlike my previous textures which I like for the varying textures. The exposed wood frame is also a feature I don't see to often so this was a great opportunity to experiment and see what came out of it.