Saturday 23 February 2013

Folded Flat Modern

Folded Flat modern is my first proper modern home for quite some time. With its signature roof that looks like it has been 'folded' over the home giving an a-symmetrical look, it offers 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, open living and dining spread over a split-level home. The build is situated on the sloped lots of Twinbrook's central area in the lake district. The address is 10 Poker Flats Drive but can be place on any of those sloped lots. 

Tinybrook Micro Home

Today i bring you a new home, built for a challenge over at the TS3 forums. The challenge involved the building of a micro home on a 10x10 lot, quite a challenge in its self. There were rules and guidelines to follow (you can see the challenge here). So was inspired by the idea, i usually stay way from these sided lots as it is not my favourite size (I love 25x50, yes its odd, i know :P ).I am currently building another home with a similar architectural style so it was a little subliminal that it ended up with similar features. It was designed specifically for an area in Twinbrook. It is a custom placed lot but i will go through where that should be placed. Anyway here you go.