Saturday, 29 June 2013

Home at last?

It is a beautiful house, I wonder if there is a spare room for me too?

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Moroccan-esque Patterns - 2nd Pattern Download Corrected

Update: It appears that I uploaded the wrong pattern to Mediafire and have now corrected the issue by giving the correct pattern (thank you Sara)

Here is the other 2 patterns i am uploading today (the large one is an absolute favourite of mine). Bother are 2 palettes and can be found in the abstract category. Downloads supplied as sim3pack files made with TSRW.

Well that is it for today, hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Simple Zigzag

Here is another geometric zigzag pattern with 2 colourable channels. For individual pictures, check after the jump.

Staggered ZigZag Patterns

Here is another geometric set of patterns. A staggered design with 2 palettes in 3 sizes. For individual pictures, check after the jump.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Grace De Luca - Vogue Cover Spread

As part of the promotion for Grace in the 2013 SIFF Band Challenge, promotional material needs to be created to help support and create awareness for her on the big day when the community come out and choose a winner. As part of this I have created a Vogue cover to help get her out there, and I think it came out well.

You can follow Grace on Facebook here:

And you can check out the Band Challenge as Simatography here:

Sunday, 16 June 2013

4 Channel ZigZag Patterns

Just a small set of 4 channel geometric zigzag patterns i want to share with you all. I love these for modern builds. For individual pictures, check after the jump.

Overlaid Circle Patterns

Yes, I love my geometric patterns. I love them so much I have to make a bunch and thought I would share them with you. Here is an overlaid circle pattern with 2 colourable channels. Check after the jump for individual pictures.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Classic Custom Wall Set

Here is a small set of walls, found in the paint category. I Made these using the multiplier layer from an ambitions wall as a starting point, cleaning it up and making it base game. You may notice that there are similar walls that came with the base game, but I found the shadowing too harsh so I never used them, even though the design was really nice. Once I figured out how to create custom walls, I set about making these. They have been constantly tweaked and I am finally happy with them. The classic wall has 2 channels, while the chair rail and picture rail walls have 3. They all cost $4 each, so its not just classic, but cheap too. Available in package and sim3pack formats. For more pictures, check after the jump.

White, bright and operating tables

You would think after spending so long as a lab rat he wouldn't want to living in that environment again. Yep, Valen is a strange one.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Simple Moroccan Pattern

This is just another simple geometric pattern i made with 2 colourable palettes.

Beveled Subway Tiles

I have to say this, I hate EA tile patterns. Most are hideous and are really hard to work with due to the way the colourable channels are set up. I had these contemporary colonial houses and i needed a tile for them. I ended up using a brick pattern and it was ok. But then i decided to make these, and will be getting a lot of use out of them. They are found in the tile section (don't want to confuse you all), have 2 colourable channels and come in 3 sizes with 2 variations each. So that is 6 patterns to give you plenty of choice. For individual pictures for all the styles, check after the jump.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Just My Average Life: Back from hiatus

Although I have only just started posting my comic here on my blog, JMAL has been on hiatus for two months. This was partly due to my university commitments and a lack of inspiration. However I have been inspired to come back to it and will have a few new comics to post over the coming weeks. I have added all the old comics here for your viewing pleasure (21 of them so you know how many you need to read), and will be adding new comics every Wednesday and Saturday at 12pm ( I am in the GMT +8 timezone, so for Europe this is early in the morning when no one should be up (that's too damn early!) and for the US this will be Tuesday and Friday night). But as I have stated, this is part-time but I will try to keep you all updated on Chase's and Valen's exploits. There is a few twists coming up so stay tuned.


The anomaly that is the gene pool

No probing is good probing

My little space hamster

Well that escalated quickly...........

Awe, he is still the softy I remember. Now I don't have to change his traits 

Very Familiar Feeling

Well here comes Valen!

well that was awkward..............


Oh my, so that is Chase's dad, or should i say that is Junior's father *giggles*

Ah the memories. First sim I ever made and he has aged well, but I would ditch the double breasted suite 

Daddy knows best

Hmmmm......... I wonder what Chase's dad is like, its been a while since I have seen him

You look like a depressed goldfish

Well Chase has been busy organising something, what could it be? 

I wonder how this will go down? 

The surveyor

Well it looks like Chase has come around, but might still have his doubts

Because I was bored

Yes I get bored, but I totally messed up the pics. good thing only Valen noticed, Chase is oblivious to the changes.

Like dumping waste from an aeroplane

Well i an not sure whether to take Chase so seriously........

Welcome to the craziness Valen

I wonder how Chase's father will react?

Not so hard to believe

Yeah, I still can't believe Chase had those pants either lol

Blah blah... Test tube baby..Blah Blah

The obligatory character development :D 

Chase can be a bit insensitive. Might have to teach him a lesson in proper etiquette.

Salty tears and corrosive spit

Ok maybe a little over-dramatic but Chase needs some answers from his 'surprise' visitor who made an unexpected landing.

I guess I was the only one seeing that coming

The fashionably challenged

Not sure Chase really knows what is going on. hope it gets cleared up soon.

Maybe he is colourblind? Or just blind?

Time for a cold shower

Well at least he should clean up after all the events that just unfolded. Hopefully the shower will do him good. 

I can't remember you packing those............

Men are from Mars, Ken is from.......

And I can assure you, he likes girls. but he is a little too curious. I may need to keep an eye on him.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Just an act?

Well Chase survived, although his is still a little smoldering. hopefully his eyeballs aren't sticky anymore.

Well this is an interesting turn of events.......

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Grace De Luca - Young and Beautiful Sneak Peek

Since i have entered the band challenge for SIFF Fall 2013, i have decided to venture into machinima, with the full length video premiering for SIFF. I hope you enjoy the sneak peek .

Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

Natural Grasscloth Pattern

Well I kind of have a backlog of patterns i have been meaning to share, not really sets but just patterns I have wanted in game so I made them, some more difficult then others to make. These include 3 abstract and 1 weave and wicker pattern. I have decided to put them in separate posts just to make it easier and satisfy my OCD. This is one of the more difficult patterns i have made, grasscloth.

Custom Wainscoting Wall Set

Custom wall set? CC? Yes I have been experimenting with custom walls for my game (so many issues but lucky i found a really good tutorial here) and have decided to share them with you all. The set is made up of 4 walls (see pictures) and are all found in the paneling category. I am only putting up mediafire links right now, but if alternate links are needed, leave a comment and i will try and hunt down my 4shared password or put them on Dropbox.

What a surprise

Chase seems to have very bad timing, or does he?

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Grace De Luca: SIFF Band Competition - Fall 2013

Introducing Grace De Luca, my entry into SIFF's bi-annual Band Challenge. Head here to check it out.

Solo Performer

Biography: Grace De Luca, born in Southampton, New York first discovered her talent for singing in her school choir and the tender age of 10. Convincing her parents to embrace her passion for singing, they enlisted voice coaches when she reached 16 to hone her voice to become the powerhouse she is today. At 18 she ventured out into the world to start perusing her goal of becoming a world recognised singer. Finding her comfort zone is clubs and fusion lounges, she became enamoured with the club singers of yesteryear and the glamour the exuded. Finding her niche she started getting regular contracts from hip and well known clubs around the country. Breaking into the big time has proven harder then she imagined, but not willing to let her career stagnate she has entered SIFF 2013 to help her expose herself to a wider audience. She is not consumed by winning but here for the experience, but she will give it her best. With the help of her childhood friends, Valen and Chase Michaels acting as her business and PR representatives, she is stepping out of her comfort zone to push herself into the next phase of her life. So expect great things from this club veteran, as being a novice in matters of self promotion and producing music videos will not hold her back. Her determination, along with her passion will help her reach out and grab the shining star she has yearned after for so long, you can guarantee she will put on the performance of her life. 

You can check out her facebook page here.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Just a quickie

Well I don't know how long these abductions take, but it was rather short for Chase. hopefully he is ok.

or maybe not..........

Monday, 3 June 2013

Moving in

Well Chase moved in to his new house, which just like all the Michaels boys and girls, he really hates the prefab builds (EA are you trying to make my eyes bleed?). It was starting off oh so well but moving back to SV to spread his wings may not have been the best idea...............

Maybe he shouldn't have watched that old scifi movie earlier? and I wonder if he knew I usually catch the aliens and delete them before they cause any trouble? Oh well, hopefully this wont have any repercussions............

This will (hopefully) be an ongoing saga for my simself in Sunset Valley. As some of you know, my sims tend to be rather boring, spending most of their time at Laundromats or staring at light bulbs  They lead a normal life and are not subjected to the weirdness that is the sims universe. However the tide is changing, and Chase seems to be caught in the middle of it..........
I have done 14 strips so far, but due to a lack of time and study, this has been put of the back burner for the time being, but i thought I would share them on my blog, which a friend of mine is encouraging me to use more. So here is the introductory post, with the existing comics coming, and hopefully some in the future. 

I will stress though that these events are not always random, but his luck (or is he unlucky?) when it came to in-game events gave me inspiration to create these, so I hope you enjoy. I find stories much more manageable in small bursts then long winded essays (which is not to say I don't enjoy very well written ones) so I hope you enjoy these little titbits as much as I enjoy reading them too.