Saturday 30 June 2018

Drapery Delights - Curtain Set

Curtains are one type of object i find lacking when it comes to TS4. I generally rely on CC or recolours to meet my needs, but when that failed I decided to make my own. This is the end result and I tend to use these everywhere now.

Due to the length of these posts and for ease of updating, you can find the download and info under the cut.

Saturday 23 June 2018

Welcome to Brindleton Bay - Community and Residential Lot Dump

I have finally finished the C+D Buildmode addon I have been working on, which means I am now free to share these lots since all content is available for download. I really enjoyed building in this world. The architecture that suits the scenery is one of my favourite styles to build and decorate with the Cape Cod and Hamptons feel. its airy by welcoming at the same time.
There are 16 lots in total, 5 of which are fully furnished Community lots (with minimal testing, sorry), and 11 residential Unfurnished lots. I do plan to eventually do furnished lots, I am just really slow LOL. Anyway, hope you enjoy.
As a side note, the vet is only small at the moment as i left it that way so it could be expanded by the owners. It currently has 2 examination rooms and 1 surgery room but with 2 ground floor rooms vacant and the entire second floor open for expansion, it will grow with whoever plays it. It works perfectly fine as it was the lot I am playing my vet in. The park is also just a heavily landscaped Maxis park, but i included it for completion sake.

Thursday 21 June 2018

Hamptons Retreat - Bedroom Addon Set

Well it is finally here. After all the patches breaking things as well as Cats and Dogs being released, I have finally finished this bedroom which is perfect for the houses I build in Brindleton Bay. It is also just in time for Christmas, which I generally don't get a chance to share anything for because of family Festivities. It is a standard bedroom set and uses my Luxurious Bedding meshes because they are awesome. A few unique items including another mirrored object. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this small set and don't forget to combine it with items from Hamptons Hideaway and Getaway to have even more items to choose from! So far i have made 95 items in this series and that's unbelievable. Not much more I can do for it, but I do still have a few ideas up my sleeve. Anyway, I hope you all have a safe and wonderful festive season and I will be back in the New Year with more goodies!

Bayside Bedroom Set Redux

On top of redoing Grove Furniture Collection, I also remade Bayside Bedroom Set. Every time I looked at the original items, a lot of the items made me cringe. This is more then a remake because the process was much more then just re-importing meshes. I was not happy with a lot of the designs as I rarely used a lot of the objects these days (apart from the plants and bedframe/bedding) so I went about bringing them up-to-date into something I would use once again. I am really happy with how it turned out and suits the coastal theme much more then the original. I also love the mustard yellow so much.

Oasis-Chic Dining - Outdoor Furniture Set

About time I finished this set. My first attempt at objects specifically designed for outdoor use (but work well indoors too). It is always nice trying something new like pergolas, chimeneas and alike. After a little hiccup of not liking a seating design i wasn't sure when I would get around to releasing this, but now it is done I am really happy with the results.

Tuesday 19 June 2018

Post Patch Reporting of Broken CC

I am putting this up now so you all know the deal. I will not be a happy camper if you post a comment blurting “you cc is broken!!!” or “your cc broke my game!!!” and not giving me exact details. If you don’t want to be that person, here are some handy points for you to look at to help me get any possible broken CC fixed once the appropriate programs are updated:

For Build/Buy Mode

  • What item it is and what set does it come from (if applicable)
  • Do you have the merged or separated files?
  • How is it broken? The more detail the better here. Does it stop the game from opening? Good! That is helpful. Does it disappear when placing? Do sims throw a tantrum when you try to make them use an item? All helpful.
  • Did you update the file after the C+D patches? (you will not believe how many people still haven’t).


  • please explain in plenty of words the exact issue with item (e.g. morphing, categories, completely missing etc)
  • if its something like mesh gaps, tell me where they occur, and if its dependant on slider positions

To save what is left of my sanity, when the patch shows up and you want to report something, elaborate on how it isn’t working as intended. It will help me get stuff fixed so much sooner without having to constantly facepalm at the stupid ass messages in my inbox simply stating “your cc is not working!!!! When will you fix!?!” which may very well turn me into a homicidal maniac (and give me a massive headache). No one wants that.

Given the wide reaching updates expected for Seasons, something is bound to break (and i really hope its minimal), so save my sanity and give as much detail as you can, it will be very much appreciated.

Saturday 16 June 2018

Bruuno Industria - Modern Seating Collection

I saw the inspiration for this sofa on pinterest and fell in love with the metal frame that I just had to make it for my game. So I did. It was original just going to be available in leather, but with my new fabric textures sitting there after I made them for Vara Lounge, I tried them on the mesh and fell in love all over again. Now I have some more industrial-style sofas in lots of choices, and so do you.

Saturday 9 June 2018

Pushed Up V-Neck - new sweater for guys

This is something new I ended up making after looking at my old v-neck sweater I made which was a retexture of a basegame mesh. I loved the idea of a 3D collar and with the addition of an item with one, I set about using part of the mesh for this. The original did have a tee underneath, but I decided to get rid of it for this new version since you could use an accessory tee an an option. I am very happy with the outcome and definitely plan more variants in the future. As for now, its just this simple version which gets lots of use in my game.

Saturday 2 June 2018

Cats & Dogs Build Mode Expanded - 55 Fixed, Additional, or New Doors, Arches, and Windows

Well it is finally done; my Cats and Dogs Buildmode addon. Let me tell you this was no easy project. With the release of the Pre-EP patch came cc updates but it also messed with the way windows were made which meant waiting for S4S to update. Then I had a vacation, and then this blew into a lot bigger project then I was expecting. However, now it is done the objects are not only more useful then before (thumbs up to Maxis for giving us a very decent sent of buildmode items to start with) but you now get even more options for building. Win-win. Hopefully you will all get as much use out of it as i have, and will continue to into the future.