Tuesday 29 October 2013

Halloween Gift - Fallen Angel Pose Pack

Hey everyone! This is a pose pack I have been using and tweaking for a few weeks and finally have the time to upload it, just in time as a treat for Halloween. The pack contains 13 poses, 11 individual and 1 couple pose. They are pose player compatible and the archive contains the preview pictures (also after the jump)and a notepad document of the poses if you want to put them in manually. I hope you enjoy :)


Monday 28 October 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Set of Demask Patterns

Over at The Simmers Society, a decorating challenge is posted regularly, and this month was the theme "think pink", which I designed an open plan room and entered it into the challenge (you can find my entry here). The theme was quite inspiring, and I made 12 patterns to use. This is not directly affiliated with the breast cancer foundation, but I feel that we can all do our part to make people aware of the risks of cancer and not paying attention to the warning signs. So by making these, I hope people think of the importance of early detection and how this colour has become the symbol to all those woman who have fought this deadly disease. On top of that, you now have 12 recolourable patterns (don't worry, if you don't like pink, I wouldn't torture you that much ;) )found in the abstract section of CAS mode. The archive contains the sim3pack files (no packages, I think patterns are better off installed through the launcher) and the description pictures so if you don't like them all, you can delete the patterns you don't like by matching the names up. So I hope you enjoy these patterns while I was feeling sentimental and melancholy.


Sunday 27 October 2013

PC Semi-Formal Suit

Here is a full outfit I have been working on. Its just a re-texture of a High End Loft Stuff outfit, but I have redesigned the overlay files (multiplier, mask, specular and normalmap) from its humble (and slightly unattractive) origins. The suit is found in everyday, formal and outwear, these were the most suitable categories. There are 4 recolourable channels; the tee,jacket, lapel and jeans. I would have liked to make the top separate, but alas, I need to learn to do that. Anyway, the archive contains the sim3pack and package formats so choose your method of installation.


Saturday 26 October 2013

Brenna Farmhouse

Brenna farmhouse is a build I keep wanting to upload, but life gets in the way. So I have finally set time aside to write up this blog post! This is an A-frame house (as seen with the roofline) giving a cozy feeling in the rooms on the first floor. With a twist on country chic, it offers something to those sims who don't like modern houses, and want something a bit more homely.


Saturday 19 October 2013

PC Rocky Horror Picture Show outfit

Hey everyone! This is an edit of the MS corset outfit for men I have altered to remove some of the more disturbing parts and simplify it, as well as making it base game. I am really happy with how it has turned out, and just in time for Halloween ;)

The outfit is only available for everyday clothing and not enabled for random sims, so you shouldn't have a heart attack seeing a townie strutting their stuff down the street in this ensemble. There are 4 recolourable channels and the stocking are transparent fishnet design. I was unable to remove the collar (I have to edit the mesh which I have not idea to do and therefore will not do) so its there as a compromise. The archive contains both the sim3pack and package formats, so choose your poison. I hope you enjoy (and laugh at your sims as much as I have) with this outfit.


Note: If you want to know about the high heels for men, check them out over at Cupcakes Taste Like Violence 

Wednesday 16 October 2013

300 Followers Gift - Black & White Flowers

Hi all! Well I just reached another milestone on tumblr and though I would commemorate the occasion with these monochromatic flower pictures. There are 5 styles per picture, with 2 recolourable channels, the frame and paper inset. The archives contain both the package and sim3pack files, so choose your method of installation. I hope you enjoy :)

Download B&W Dahlias

Download B&W Lotuses

Sunday 13 October 2013

PC Rocker Jacket

Here is a retexture and basegame conversion of a LN jacket I did for my game. I really liked the base jacket, but hated the stencil and thought the jacket would look good with a rougher texture. I wish I could have got rid of the v-neck, but unfortunately I need to alter the mesh by the looks of it, which I don't have the skills to do. Anyway I still like it and thought I would share with you all. the jacket can be found in the everyday, formal, career and outerwear categories of CAS. The archive, like always, contains both the sim3pack and package file formats, so choose 1 to install.


Saturday 12 October 2013

Rocky Horror Family Portrait Pose Set

Here is a pose pack I have been working on for a week or so. With Halloween on the horizon, one of my dearest friend's enthusiasm for Halloween has rubbed off, and from that came this set of poses. Based on the cult classic, I tried to impart some of each of the characters into the poses for this fun pose pack. They are designed to go around the basegame "Bracken Living Room Chair" in the picture. The poses are locked to that centre tile where the chair is, so you shouldn't need to manually move them, unless you want to tweak the positions yourself. The poses could also be used separately too. The archive contains a folder which has the pictures for reference and codes if you want to access the poses via the name rather then the pose player.


Sunday 6 October 2013

PC Muscle Tank Top

Here is a little edit I did. I am really not a fan of the Muscle Tank Top from base game, so I made this one. 2 recolourable channels. I really like the black a cyan coloured combo the most. This is base game compatible and is found in Everyday and Athletic categories. The archive contains both the sim3pack and package files, so just extract and choose your method of installation.


Saturday 5 October 2013

Corinthian Modern

Hi all! Its been a while since I have shared a build with you all, and today I bring you a modern build that utilises some architectural elements commonly found on classic builds. This was a little challenge I set for myself to see if it could actually be done without looking tacky. I think it turned out really well, and I hope you do too. The house is situated on a 40x40 lot and the pictures were taken in hidden Valley, however it is suited to any neighbourhood. It looks ok in Lucky Palms, but looks a little out of place is its not placed in the oasis area of the world.


Tuesday 1 October 2013

200 Followers Gift - 12 Geometric Patterns

Well I have gotten 200 people following me on tumblr (YAY!!!! thankyou all so much), so I decided to mark the occasion  by putting up 12 new geometric patterns. The consist of a mish-mash of different types, but all are 2 palette, completely recolourable patterns found in the geometric category of CASt. I have separated them into individual styles and appended the pictures so you know what you are getting. They are supplied as sim3pack files, so just extract the the files from the archive and choose the ones you want.