Saturday, 30 July 2022

Whilloh Kitchen - Louvred Design with 12 Objects

14th of October, 2020. That was the day this kitchen idea was first born. I know that because I created the folder for the blend file on that day (I do try to be organised). I loved the idea of a louvre kitchen, but never found the time to bring it to reality so it just sat there, forever in limbo taunting me to work on it, or bin it. I loved it too much to throw away such a unique idea, so it just sat there. After such a shitty start to 2022, I finally opened up the blend file, promptly remapped it, and got to work finishing it. I am really glad I did. I get British Colonial vibes, where it's classic design meets tropical relaxation, and I finally got around to making rattan I like, and that works with the style of TS4. Now everyone can enjoy the final product and what I envisioned almost 2 years ago when I came up with it. 

Friday, 29 July 2022

Bedding Update 28th July 2022

The introduction of High School Years Expansion pack, and the subsequent basegame update, added new interactions to bedding resulting in exemption errors occurring. I have done my best to fix the issues, as well as a weight paint issue with my luxurious bedding that became obvious when testing, and have uploaded fixes separated, merged, and individual files where applicable. You can find links to the affected sets below. 

For my custom-made bedding you need to grab:

If you find any additional problems, please comment with all the relevant details (what sim was doing, what item etc so I can replicate) otherwise I will be unable to find a solution to the issue you are having. 

Saturday, 18 June 2022

Kitayama Bedroom - Japan-Scandi Fusion with 20 Items

Getting your mojo back can take a while, and man, is it taking a while. However I am taking it slowly and doing things that really inspire me. One of those things was a bedroom to go with Kitayama items I have already created. I like the Japanese-Scandinavian fusion (still not using the stupid ass name people came up with for that) and really wanted to expand on the idea. A bedroom was the perfect way. So here it is. I ended up doing more luxurious bedding option in the patterns from Kitayama which turned out lovely. 

Saturday, 21 May 2022

Ellipse Seating - Curved Seating in 32 Colours

Found this design looking for something else on pinterest, and just had to make it. I glammed the design up a bit, added a contrasting fabric to the back, and voila! I love having more curved sofas, or sofas in general. I do think in time I am going to make a set I have already done because i have made so many sofas. But I have accepted that LOL

Sunday, 20 March 2022

Hinterlands Dining - Country Style with 16 items

Sometimes I just run with an idea because it's so good I just need more of it. Hamptons was a good example, and the same can be said for Hinterlands. This week, it's a (bit delayed) dining collection. I really don't have enough country styles in my catalogue, so having more is really nice.

Saturday, 19 February 2022

Adirondack Love Part 2 - Moderondack Seating and Outdoor Dining

Well here is part II of my Adirondack Love seat. I wanted to see a modern interpretation in my game to accompany the classic style, because that will not always work. I like the swat appearance, but also the key elements that make an Adirondack an Adirondack. Also I love the umbrella. The design was so needlessly pointless I had to have it in my game XD

Saturday, 5 February 2022

Adirondack Love Part I - Classirondack Seating and Outdoor Dining

I know, gone far too long. If you follow me on tumblr you probably already know the reason why so I wont go into detail here. I needed and extended period off but i am back with some more custom content. This time it's my love of Adirondack seating. This was supposed to just be a bench set but it kind of got out of hand. Anyway, here is the first part to give your outdoor areas a bit of a makeover.

Saturday, 4 December 2021

Kassova Sectional - Basegame Modular Seating


I really love having another option for making sofas. But unfortunately they aren't basegame because of the chaise and corresponding base mesh needed to make them. I did discover that the tuning was base game when I made my initial designs, but without the required base mesh with it's unique groups, there wasn't a way to make a base game version. Alistu on tumblr worked with some other simmers to create a base game file for creators to use to achieve what was potentially possible. Because the chaise is not BGC, the goal here was then making a design I felt would work without a chaise for those without Dream Home Designer. I think I struck the right balance and very happy with the end result. 

Saturday, 20 November 2021

Hinterlands Living - Country-Style with 16 Items

This one-off set seems to be turning into a series, and I am not made about it. The style I came up with for Hinterlands Bedroom really speaks to me. It's classic by not fussy, and really works well in my more traditional homes without looking gaudy and cliche. So of course the design style suited a living room. It all started with the sectional which I promised I would make a patterned one of, and it just called out to be skirted, and just ended up working will with the theme of Hinterlands. So this set was born. 

Saturday, 6 November 2021

Violette Seating - Paranormal Inspired Mid-Century Seating

If you have followed me for a while, you know I have a soft spot for MCM-style furniture. I really loved the retro vibes of the sofas we got in the pack, but I wanted plain versions without pillows and a throw, as well as a choice without patterns. To me, it was just easier making a sofa with the same vibes then trying to patch together a new texture. So that is what I did. After going through a bit of a slump, I revisited and remapped these items to be on more appropriate-sized UV maps, changed out the pattern I was going to use, and ended up with a set I really love. Now I have even more MCM sofas to choose from.