Saturday, 14 September 2019

Harlow Chaise Lounges - Contemporary Seating Set

With the release of Island Living, we (finally) got loungers with made me so happy. This also gave me the opportunity to make a chaise sofa, my prefer seating style IRL. With a little tweaking of rigging heights and some acceptable compromises, I have come up with all new possibilities to satisfy my sofa addiction XD

Sunday, 8 September 2019

Ornate Tiling - Patch Content Expanded

Patch content can be a nice surprise, and the pre-RoM patch was one of those. Not only was a gorgeous brick added, but a lovely half-tile wall. I don't tend to use those that much and prefer full tile walls, so i decided to take the design and turn it into a matching floor and full tile wall. There are 6 styles of tile used so these will match those included with the patch to give you a bit more usability.

Saturday, 31 August 2019

Harley Seating - Sofa, Loveseat & Armchair in 20 Leather Options

I do love channel tufting and I had this sofa sitting in my 'scrapped' folder because i hated how it looked. I check out these projects every so often to see if they can be salvaged, and this lucky sofa was that one project. I figured out what I hated about the original attempt and fixed it. Because it is channel tufted, it is on the higher side of ideal polycount, but i loved it so much i had to get it in my game. I am also only releasing this in leather simply because that is what works best on this design, so no fabric this time. I don't think that is a bad thing given how lovely this looks.

Saturday, 10 August 2019

Welcome to Bradford Square - Magnolia Promenade Makeover

It is finally done; my Magnolia Promenade makeover. Dubbed Bradford Square, this shopping district has all I ever wanted from this mini-hood. I have only furnished 1 shop per building otherwise it would have gotten prohibitively expensive to buy the businesses but feel free to choose which store you want to use for your own business. You can use the ones I made, or modify to your own tastes, or completely make your own in one of the empty sections of thes row buildings. I am just happy I have finished lol.

Saturday, 3 August 2019

Phoebe Sofa Suite - Matching Sofa, Loveseat,& Armchair

Yes, more sofas. This is actually the design slightly tweaked of course) that I have at home and love the slight roundness of the design. It's a blank canvas and works for different styles which I often look for in a sofa design like this. I do have more plans for sofas in the future, so don't expect me to stop now LOL

Saturday, 13 July 2019

Tropical Living - Koa Wood Flooring In 2 Varieties

I like lots of options for wood flooring and the two that came with Island Living is no different. I actually found out both of these are the same wood but different types of Acacia common to Hawaii and is very sort after because of it's interesting textures. The first is basically tweaked into my palette plus some more saturated orange undertone styles, and the second i edited into a longboard variant since i am not a fan of short boards when it comes to timber flooring.

Friday, 12 July 2019

UPDATED: The Other Side - New Skin Colours for TS4

Today I bring you an experiment that came about from the selection of skin colours available in TS4. There is a serious lack of dark skin colours, and the light ones have left a lot to be desired. After a bit of research, diving into the clientfullbuild files, lots of backwards and forwards into the game for testing, hex editing to edit the colour swatches because s4pe threw errors, I finally came up with the lightside and darkside skintones. I could not be more happy with my first, and possibly last foray into the world of TS4 skins. I came away knowing more about the game and some awesome new colours that don't look jaundice or ashy.

Monday, 8 July 2019


So i have been fighting to upload these items but i believe it is all done. Things I have fixed:

  • Bathtubs now compatible with mermaids
  • Mirrors compatible with GF interactions
  • Added Strangerville rigging to bathroom items
  • Updated candle tuning and function tags to correctly work on off the grid lots
Sets updated:
  1. Atwood Dining
  2. Atwood Living
  3. Bayside Bedroom Set
  4. Futura Living
  5. Hamptons Getaway
  6. Hamptons Hideaway
  7. Hamptons Retreat
  8. Kingston Dining
  9. Mid-Century Abode
  10. Mid-Century Eclectic
  11. Myra Living
  12. Oasis-Chic Dining
  13. Roarsome Kids Bedroom
  14. Serenity Bathroom

A few other things were mentioned like the always annoying by not reproducible “No counter space” bug (If you are using Mina kitchen make sure the default counter is used and has space free, the alternate versions are really for show or appliances since they aren’t coded to be usable surfaces for preparing meals) or issues with beds and computers. I have looked at all these and can’t find issues on my end so if you are still having issues redownload and if you still are, contact me with exact details so i can attempt to reproduce or diagnose the issue. 
Edit: having issues with SFS uploads not taking, so please use google drive in the mean time.

Edit 2: Looks like SFS database has updated with the new files (I probably overloaded it with the 1.57GB of content that was updated) so you should be safe to redownload. If the date modified listed on the left of the SFS download page is not July 8, download from google drive or wait for a bit and let me know which ones are lagging). 

Friday, 28 June 2019

Shrunken Square Coffee Tables - Resized for more Usability

I loved the idea of square coffee tables when they were introduced, but i think everyone can say they are a bit too big. The resizing of them is easy with in-game cheats, but placing things become a pain. I was tired of not getting enough use out of them, so I made some non-default versions that are 75% the original size. They work so much better with my style of decorating, so hopefully you all enjoy them too.

Saturday, 22 June 2019

Castellana Cul de sac - A modest Mission home in the Valley

The last home I needed to share for my Del Sol Valley rebuild was the lot i was using for Johnny Zest. I ended up turning it into a Mission-style home and 2 levels and a modest size suitable for a small family. I think it has charm and plays to the more rustic side of the LA inspired world which contains a lot of these types of houses. I love how it turned out myself.
Do note, I needed to change the roofing on the garage to fix a bug associated with disappearing ceilings caused by the glass roofing. So that area is slightly different now.