Saturday, 11 May 2019

Regular & Small Gorgeous Grain Hardwood Flooring

One of my favourite basegame floors was always the Glorious Grain Hardwood but I also disliked the high contrast and colours. So I had some free time while sick (again) and decided to decrease the contrasting tones a bit and then recolour. I like it so much I made a smaller version as well. I think by this point we all know I love hardwood flooring and I always need more.

Saturday, 27 April 2019

Ophelia Bedroom Suite

This set started off like any other; inspiration i needed to build around. In this case it was an Art Deco gate I found on pinterest that I used for the design of the steel-frame bedframe. With my goal of releasing stuff in small sets this fits that goal while also mixing well with other content I have released. I like how it has a hint of art deco and a little eclectic, but also very usable. The oval dresser is also a favourite.

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

CC Descriptions Broken with Game Version PC / Mac

This HAS been reported and actively investigated with a patch to fix it in the near future as Graham has stated in the forum post. Although changing the group ID to non-cc values can fix the issue, going forward the group ID will remain in the same as it has previously been so I will be waiting on the fix instead of updating my cc.

Issue has now been fixed with the latest patch released on Friday the 19th of April. 

Sunday, 14 April 2019

Vintage Glamour Buildmode Addon Part II - Art Doorco & #Vogue Doors, Windows and Arches

The last part of my Birthday Upload Spree is the final part of my Vintage Glamour Buildmode Addon (Part One here). Part Two includes all the items made from the 2 original buildmode items from the SP, Art Doorco Double Door, and the #Vogue window. I have added new colours like I did with Part One and added a whole bunch of new content for your Art Deco Homes (or just really stylish builds). I personally love the Vogue doors and quite proud of what I did. Second favourite is definitely the Vogue Medium Arches with the clerestory window above.

Saturday, 13 April 2019

Welcome to Davenporte - Willow Creek Makeover Part 02

Part two of my birthday upload spree is something i know some of you have probably forgotten about or desperately wanted. Well I finally got around to finishing the second batch of lots for Davenporte; my version of Willow Creek. There are 5 homes in total in this dump, all for that one sub-hood where the Pancakes live. As usual, these do contain a little cc that is mine, as well as unlocks and a couple of overrides.

Friday, 12 April 2019

Jakob Seating Collection - Modern Comfort Objects

It is my birthday this Saturday and what better way to celebrate then to have an upload spree? I can't think of a better way especially since I am hitting the gym so can can't enjoy cake. Anyway, this is yet another sofa set that I just love. The clean lines and curves, the metal frame, it really is a timeless design to me. Turns out to work incredibly well with my Caine Living Room Set as well.

Sunday, 7 April 2019

Old World Wide Plank Flooring - Basegame Floor Recolour

Another basegame flooring that needed more colours. This now has 20 times more colour options then the original and way more diversity simply by having darker options. I liked the idea of the original flooring, but only coming in a light colour was very limiting as I prefer darker tones most of the time when decorating. Now I have a wide plank flooring with a lot more diversity.

Friday, 5 April 2019

Herringbone Floorboards - Basegame Flooring Recolour

I love herringbone and Chevron flooring, but found the basegame one lacked options. It had enough potential I decided to recolour it for my own use. Now I use it without having to worry about the colour clashing.

Saturday, 30 March 2019

Vintage Glamour Buildmode Addons - Part One: Narcissus’s Folly Doors, Arches, and Windows

I think having a "Part One" in the name of this post is very revealing about how out of control this buildmode addon has gotten. It is so big I had to break it into multiple chunks so i didn't get overwhelmed. This is the first part and was an idea to turn the mirrors into functional windows and then it grew from there. I do love everything, especially the doors I came up with because we don't get many modern or art deco doors to play with in the game, so more the merrier.

Friday, 29 March 2019

Regarding Builds Including My Content As a Patreon Exclusive

I didn’t think I would need to state this because my stance on paywalls and pay-per-click shorteners are pretty obvious, but it is not ok
You are locking my content behind a paywall so you are effectively claiming the content as your own and making money off my blood, sweat and tears. I honestly don’t care that you ‘put work into the house’ or ‘it’s more convenient for the downloader’, that doesn’t excuse the fact of what is being done and how disrespectful it is. Lets not even get into the issues of older content being bundled up which can cause people problems, or the fact that people NEVER update older lots including cc with the newer updated versions. It is an accident waiting to happen. And i am not even going to touch on what EA/Maxis has stated in regards to their Terms you agree to when playing TS4. 
My content should be freely available, and the only way that is acceptable when it is bundled in a download is if that build is freely downloadable as well. I say it right in my ToU so don’t act dumb. I even amended it to explicitly list Patreon. Those houses would not be the same without the content i created  so don’t abuse my good nature by being an arse.