Saturday, 9 October 2021

Welcome to Sulani - World Makeover Part I

I am working on some large projects right now, and don't have a backlog of smaller stuff to get out, so I thought I would catch up on my world makeovers (because there is always the odd person popping up and asking about them). Sulani is a big world, and because of that I had to break it into two parts. This world ranges from "lot edits" to custom builds as a lot had good bones, but needed some jazzing up. So here is the first part containing the lots in the Ohan’ali area. Highly recommended grabbing my Island Living Buildmode addon if you haven't already, I do use it extensively in part I & II. 

Saturday, 18 September 2021

Cottage Living: Grand Henford Addon


Going to be brutally honest; I can't even use the stone windows from Cottage Living. Their scale is completely off and you would have thought they were a grand window, but they just lack the size. I had to fix it. So I enlarged them by about 50% and added more grand sizes. The lack of a matching door also bugged me, so I stripped the stone off the one design, made is simple, and designed a surround as an option. Also made a surround for the larger door as well. Now I have a set that is going to be perfect for manor builds without being lost on the walls. 

Saturday, 4 September 2021

Alesund - Modular Sectional and Chaise Seating

Another week, another sectional. Like most of you have probably figured out, I m addicted to sofas. If not, welcome to my favourite object I love making for my game. With the introduction of sectionals, it just opened up a whole different can of worms so I now have even more options for making seating (not that I needed an excuse before). Anyway, I want a few different choices for sectionals so that i have styles for different occasions. Phumo is very modern/MCM, and Alesund is very contemporary/classic allowing it to fit into more styles. I do want to get around to a classic style too at some point, and I am working on a modern/minimalist version right now. Lots of sofas in the future. In the meantime, enjoy this one. 

Monday, 16 August 2021

Phumo Sectional Issues

After a few reports of the sectional not showing up, I am labelling at as requiring Dream Home Decorator to function. 

I usually test basegame compatibility by disabling packs with usually doesn’t fail me, but in this case it has. So i apologise to those affected, unfortunately I just didn’t have the optimum was to test this particular item. 

For the moment the seating will remain DHD-dependent as it would need to be completely remade using alistu’s basegame cloning object. Right now with limited time that’s not an option for me, but if I get some I will see what I can do. 

Saturday, 14 August 2021

Phumo Seating - Sectional Sofa and Chaise

After Dream Home Decorator came out I knew that everyone who asked me to make a sectional would come knocking on my door saying "you said you would make a sectional if Maxis made one!" I am a man of my word and this is my first proper sectional utilising the new system. I will do more, but I will not solely make these as I still prefer the traditional seating and it's proportions. So don't expect a lot of these from me, there are some drawbacks and they require a different, more time-consuming process to ensure they look 'right' to me. It's nice to have another option though, and opens up more possibilities in the future.

Saturday, 31 July 2021

Hinterlands Bedroom - Country Style with 16 Items

I had this idea for a country bedroom which sprung up from a wardrobe I had intended to go with a now scrapped set. With Cottage Living announced, I decided to move it off the back burner and finish it as i felt that it would work great for the pack. With a few additions including some lovely floral bedding, it's finally ready for me to use in my gameplay save. 

Saturday, 10 July 2021

Kitayama Dining - Japanese-Scandi Fusion with 26 New Objects

So I did say I had a second part to Kitayama, and here it is. I initially started out with the Living room, which quickly grew to include a dining room as well. However, uploading and maintaining large files is a pain, so I split it up. Now I am able to upload, I can share it with all you. Hopefully it's not disappointing after what was available in the previous part. Really love how this two-part set came together, and it really does leave me open to add more when I am inspired. 

Content Update: July 2021

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to update people on some updates i have been uploading over the past week. I had some things i needed to fix, and some things I wanted to implement, and some things that needed tweaking for one reason or another. So what has been fixed? Thanks for asking!

  • All chairs that slotted to a surface have been fixed. These include dining chairs, barstools, desk chairs, and high chairs. You can redownload, or if that's too hectic, grab S4S and run their batch fix, that is all I did. 
  • I enabled desks and dressers to snap under bunk beds. This was a little thing I wanted for my game, so you all benefit. Not mandatory though. Other objects that snap like loveseats, living chairs and alike already snapped so didn't need and update
    • do note that my bedding will not snap. Because I use separated bedframes it would require a larger overhaul to how I slot bedframes to mattresses which was out of the scope of this update
  • The new double showers I needed to make for Hamptons Getaway and Serenity Bathroom still had occluders leading to a dark spot, that has been rectified. 
  • Lennox Kitchen 4 seater table was missing a shadow group, cannot believe it's taken years to notice that...
Because this totalled in 27 custom sets and 3 addons, it's a lot of sets that needed to be reuploaded. That is why I am not listing and linking, I will be here all week. If it has anything listed above, it was updated so please use some common sense. If you are unsure, ask on this post to keep it all in one place.

SFS was giving me grief and throwing a "key not found" error during this process. If you get this try hard refreshing (crtl+F5) first to see if that helps. I did test all the files to make sure they loaded to download page as I went, but issues may still arise. In that case, grab file from Google Drive. If you are experiencing this, be very specific and tell me what file specifically, otherwise I am unable to help (telling me "you can't download" something is as useful as a chocolate teapot). 

If you do think I have missed updating a file (very likely) please also be specific so I can double check. I have made a lot of CC and even I go "hey that looks familiar, did I make that?

In that process I dumped all Onedrive links which will no longer work, there should at least be a link for google drive for older content, and if the item no longer exists, then it is no longer available. So please don't ask because i wont be about to help (I think it was just 2 cowhide rugs and early TS4 houses which are still on the gallery). 

Anyway, I think that is it. 

Monday, 5 July 2021

FYI on Downloads

 i have been trying to upload updated filed but getting and error from SFS when trying to download so i am postponing for now. If you get error, try Google Drive for now. I didn’t get much updated yet so hopefully it hasn’t affected much. 

Saturday, 26 June 2021

Kitayama Living - Japanese-Scandi Fusion with 39 New Objects

This set came about from a Pinterest image where Japanese and Scandinavian style were fused together to create something new. I really loved the idea and was inspired to make a set based on the theme. There are parallels between the two styles, but the beauty is in the differences and married together become of so wonderful. I got so carried away I had to split this set into two parts, or my internet might of thrown a tantrum (and gives me time to organise the other part). So enjoy the first instalment.