Sunday 22 October 2017

Slim and Cuffed - Set of Jeans for guys

I am in the process of updating/remaking all of my clothing. CAS has changed so much since the introduction of TS4 and it about time I addressed some of the niggley issues, as well as improve on some older concepts. This however is a new item. I really loved the jeans from the bowling back, but wanted more variation. I decided to take the texture and apply it to one of my favourite sets of pants; the cropped base-game pants. I abuse them and wanted a jeans version. So here it is.

Sunday 8 October 2017

Bradford Industries Inc. - GTW Science Facility

I thought I would upload this as part of my makeover of the worlds which i am slowly in the process of. I always loved the science career, but the lot was less then inspirational. Taking cues from where I have worked before, i came up with this more modern science facility to allow your sims to reach the epitome of the science career. I have been play-tested to the best I can, but like all career lots, there is no requirement list so it may not be perfect. However, it has worked well for me. Below is the info you need to know.