Friday 31 January 2014

Mother Russia Edit: Becoming Blazer & V-Neck

Here is another re-texture of one of an awful looking jacket from the Mother Russia set. I am really appalled how EA actually thought that was a good idea. It is not like the guys get enough content as it is to say its ok to screw up some cool meshes and not worry about it. Really EA, who thought this was a good idea? Anyway, I have re-textured the jacket in 2 separate styles, they are on separate meshes, so if you choose, you can have both your game. There are 4 recolourable channels, the same as the original. There are 2 for the jacket, one for the collar and then the tee. There are 3 preset styles (as seen in the preview pictures), all with custom thumbnails. They are found in everyday, formalwear, career and outerwear categories of CAS. The downloads are separate, and each contains the package and sim3pack files along with the preview pictures. You know the drill, choose which method of cc installation you prefer and delete the other. 

On another note, this download marks 1000 followers on tumblr. I just want say hope much I cherish each and every one of you. I never thought people would find my content interesting given how mundane and everyday the designs are. I see all these hip and other-there designs, and I am just so humbled that all come visit my little corner of this great community. So thank you for following me :) 

Download Quilted Becoming Blazer & V-Neck:

Download Simple Becoming Blazer & V-Neck:

Wednesday 29 January 2014

Texture Pattern Set 01

I have had these sitting in my game about a week and a half waiting for me to sort through them and tweak if needed. Well I finally got around to it (and because I have ocd, these need to be released first). The set contains mostly masonry patterns, with the majority of those being painted or plastered brick textures. I love painted brick so I made more for my game. My favourite pattern i have ever made is my painted brick, but you can never have too much variety (you can find my other painted brick patterns here). The other patterns are brick and wood textures. They are all fully recolourable and have 2 palettes you can change. The woods are found under wood and the masonry under the masonry category. It's not like I needed to tell you, but I rather state the obvious. I have included the package and sim3pack files along with the preview pictures. So all you need to do choose the method of installation and delete the patterns you don't want if there are any. I hope you enjoy the patterns as much as me :)


Wednesday 22 January 2014

Many More Mimes Makeup

I get inspired by the weirdest things. Sometimes its a name, a flower, colour, or someone else's project. This time, you guessed it, was mimes. A friend of mine is currently entered into a competition at Simatography for the biannual SIFF Battle of the Bands and has decided to enter a band of mimes. You may be asking me "why is that inspiring?" Well, its more about the lack of content for mimes. Mimes are a very diverse bunch, but EA only saw fit to give us one female and one male mask. Google mimes and you will see there is a never-ending number of ways a mime can paint their face. So I decided to make her some, and due to popular demand, I have cleaned them up so everyone can enjoy the unique weirdness of mimes.

So, the makeup is available in 5 styles for both male and female (the are as neat as possible, but the morphing of the face does distort the shapes of the makeup, something I have no control over and is most evident in the 4th variation). The makeup is also basegame, so you do not need Showtime to have your very own weird mimes. There are 4 recolourable channels, the face powder, eyeliner/eyebrows, lipstick and the individual detail on each of the masks. The archive contains both the sim3pack and package files, so choose one file type and delete the other. As always read my TOU on my blog or my tumblr.


Monday 20 January 2014

Simple a Modern - A Recolourable Textured Rug

There is some things that has bugged me about game and cc rugs. The first being that game rugs have no texture to them. I have never seen a rug in RL with no carpet texture of any kind, and it always bugged me. This was resolved with cc rugs, but the majority are overlays that aren't recolourable. I wanted to be able to use my patterns on a rug without having to make the pattern textured, so this is what I came up with. The rug has a carpet texture multiplier, so any pattern applied to the rug will look like a carpet. There is one recolourable channel and I have changed the pattern tiling so that the patterns appear slightly larger on the rug. It has a 2x3 footprint with overhang on all sides (see picture below). The rug costs $140. I have provided 5 presets to start you off. The archive contains both the package and sim3pack files, so choose your preferred method of installation and you can delete the rest. I have also included the preview picture as well.


Wednesday 15 January 2014

Long and Short Sleeve Henley Shirts - 900 Followers Gift

I had a hard time being inspired to make something to mark 900 followers, but it finally struck. I really love my Henley shirt, but I wanted more variants. I decided to make a long and short sleeve version for my game, so I am sharing it with all of you. There is a short and long sleeve Henley shirt, the same design of my rolled-up sleeve version I uploaded previously. The only difference is these have only 3 recolourable channels; the shirt, collar and buttons. The are found in everyday, athletic and sleepwear categories of CAS. The archives contain both the sim3pack and package files, so it is up to you which method of installation you prefer. I hope you enjoy, and thank you to the people that follow me and find my posts unique and interesting \(^_^)/

Download Short Sleeve Henley Shirt

Download Long Sleeve Henley Shirt

Thursday 9 January 2014

Henley Shirt

Inspiration struck one day looking at some pictures on tumblr, and my brain decided to hold me hostage until I made the creation bouncing around my neural pathways. This is that project. The shirt is a more casual design with the rolled up sleeves and unbuttoned collar and the style commonly known as a Henley shirt. The top is found in everyday, sleepwear and athletic categories with 4 recolourable channels; shirt, collar, rolled cuffs and buttons. I have included 3 styles to start you all off. The archive contains both the sim3pack and package files, so choose your preferred method of installation. The preview picture is also included. I hope you enjoy :)


Saturday 4 January 2014

Bountiful Buttons Jacket Edit

Hey everyone! Well I have been working on another retexture, this time of an awesome jacket that came with the Mother Russia set from the store. However the base jacket was a bit of a mess in regards to the multiplier, so I fixed it and decided to share it with all of you. The jacket has 2 styles, the base jacket, then one with a coat of arms on the back. I felt this was the best way to keep the coat of arms, but still have a simple version without it. There are on the same mesh so no separate download is needed. The also do not over-ride the original. Both jackets have 4 colour channels and found in everyday, formalwear, career and outerwear. The archive contains both the sim3pack and package files, so choose which file type you want. I am working on some of the other clothing to fix them, but I am not on a schedule and redoing them when I have time between other projects. So stay tuned.