Thursday, 9 January 2014

Henley Shirt

Inspiration struck one day looking at some pictures on tumblr, and my brain decided to hold me hostage until I made the creation bouncing around my neural pathways. This is that project. The shirt is a more casual design with the rolled up sleeves and unbuttoned collar and the style commonly known as a Henley shirt. The top is found in everyday, sleepwear and athletic categories with 4 recolourable channels; shirt, collar, rolled cuffs and buttons. I have included 3 styles to start you all off. The archive contains both the sim3pack and package files, so choose your preferred method of installation. The preview picture is also included. I hope you enjoy :)



  1. Absolutely awesome, Thank you ever so much, my male sim needs a new top lol, great work and again a massive thank you, you can never have enough male clothes.

  2. Haha tysm! I'm going to make a teen wolf sims3 family and its derek hale's shirt lol , u complated his clothes ty again hih !