Monday, 20 January 2014

Simple a Modern - A Recolourable Textured Rug

There is some things that has bugged me about game and cc rugs. The first being that game rugs have no texture to them. I have never seen a rug in RL with no carpet texture of any kind, and it always bugged me. This was resolved with cc rugs, but the majority are overlays that aren't recolourable. I wanted to be able to use my patterns on a rug without having to make the pattern textured, so this is what I came up with. The rug has a carpet texture multiplier, so any pattern applied to the rug will look like a carpet. There is one recolourable channel and I have changed the pattern tiling so that the patterns appear slightly larger on the rug. It has a 2x3 footprint with overhang on all sides (see picture below). The rug costs $140. I have provided 5 presets to start you off. The archive contains both the package and sim3pack files, so choose your preferred method of installation and you can delete the rest. I have also included the preview picture as well.


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