Saturday 24 September 2022

Terra Tiles - Modern Geometric Tile in 4 Layouts

So browsing Pinterest I came across an interesting subway-shaped tile. With an asymmetrical design, geometric in style, and catching light differently because of it's surface design, I fell in love. So much so i made it in 4 layout style. Did I need 4 layouts? No. Did I want it in 4 layouts? Definitely. Now you all benefit. 

Sunday 4 September 2022

Bowed Living - Contemporary Rattan Set with 32 Items

Finally got around to experimenting with rattan. TS4 has small textures, so doing life-like scale just isn't a possibility if you want to keep a Maxis-look. So I made my own using a tutorial I came across for blender, and here we are. I love how it turned out and not I finally have rattan I like, I can using it in future sets, just probably not to this extent again. It's a lot of rattan LOL