Saturday 30 November 2013

PC Unisex Onesie

Well, I don't really play the game that much, but when I do, I tend to make what I need as well as downloading stuff, because a lot of what is out there isn't quite what I had in mind, or is themed in such a way its off-putting, or is not recolourable, or on the odd occasion, not weird enough. Anyway, this is one of those times. I found a striped onesie that I wanted to make and the game mesh just wouldn't do. Who puts a collar on a onesie for toddlers? Really, I want to know who. So I got the approval of aikea guinea at Club Crimsyn (also on tumblr if you are a fanatic like me ;) ) to use her altered mesh which I retextured to give this design (you can find the original here). The onesie has 4 recolourable channels and located in everyday, formal and sleepwear. and I have altered the pattern tiling to make the patterns appear smaller when used on the clothing. The outfit can be found in  The archive contains the sim3pack and package files, so choose which you prefer to use. I hope you enjoy them as much as my toddlers :)


Thursday 28 November 2013

Tile Pattern Set 01

Well, here is another pattern set I have been working on, it consists of 10 2-palette recolourable patterns found in the tile category of CAS. Most as size variations for those that like that sort of stuff (like me). There really isn't much more to say. The archive contains both the package files and the sim3packs, as it have come to my attention that there are people that like to install patterns as package files. Since I test them in that format, I thought I would include them as well. I have also included the preview pictures so you can pick and choose which patterns you want if you don't like all the patterns.


Sunday 24 November 2013

PC Denim Walk Shorts

Well I have been working on this as a followers gift for a while, trying to get it right, messing with the texture and stuff, encountering problems, and trying to work around them. So this is the final product, a pair of basegame compatible denim shorts found in everyday, athletic, swimwear and career categories. There are 4 recolourable channels, the base colour of the shorts, the distressed details, the belt and buckle. The archive contains both the sim3pack and package files, so choose your preferred method of installation :)


Saturday 16 November 2013

PC Casual Open Shirt

Ok, I just want to say this first off, I am so happy with this shirt, my sims are wearing it all the time and it suits the summer weather I am getting here. It's a nice change of all the cold weather clothing I am seeing right now which makes me feel like I am overheating. Anyway the shirt is basegame compatible and found in everyday, sleepwear, swimwear and athletic.  The mesh is from the 70/80/90 stuff pack and the addition of the shirt underneath is a big improvement. There are 3 recolourable channels, 5 stencils and 6 styles. Both the sim3pack and package files are included in the archive. I hope you enjoy as much as I do :)


Wednesday 13 November 2013

Diamond Pattern Set 01

Here is another pattern set for you all. As you can tell, I love patterns, but I love them even more if they are recolourable. So I made some more with a diamond them to them. They range from 2 to 4 recolourable palettes with 12 patterns in total in the set. Some are size variations of one another because it is nice to have that when decorating. The folder contains the sim3pack files (which can be converted to package files with the multi-extractor) and the preview pictures with the names if there are any you don't want to install. I hope you enjoy :)


Sunday 10 November 2013

PC Shawl Collar Jacket

An anonymous person asked if my casual suit could be separated, and I thought it couldn't, not without editing the mesh. I thought about it more and came up with a new design on a different mesh. It used a UL mesh converted to basegame and redesigned the multiplier, mask and other files to give this shawl collar jacket. It has 3 recolourable channels, the jacket, shirt and jacket detail and is available in everyday and formal-wear. The archive contains both sim3pack and package files, so choose what method of installation you would like.


Saturday 9 November 2013

StoneyBrook Barn

Inspired by a real-life home, this is a barn conversion with a modern twist. It was really enjoyable to make and even though it modern, still a challenge or me to decorate. I built it in Hidden Springs, but it does not contain any world content, so you are free to put it anywhere your heart desires. It is a small house though, so don't expect to raise a large family here.


Saturday 2 November 2013

400 Followers Gift - Random Pattern Pack 01

I am so grateful to find 400 people who find my sims activity interesting, and I am marking the occasion with this random pattern pack of 10 patterns found in the abstract category of CAS. all but the diamond patterns have 2 recolourable palettes, while the diamond patterns have 3. The archive contains a folder and the preview pictures (which are shown here too) so if you want to delete any, you can by matching the names up.